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UAP and spontaneous human combustion

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I have been catching up with some old issues of the English magazine "Fortean Times" from my local library. I always look forward to the "UFO Casebook" column by Jenny Randles.  The July 2013 column was no exception. Jenny's work is always thought provoking.

In the column, Jenny mentions that she is working, with colleague Peter Hough, on " e-book version of an investigation that we carried out into the mystery of SHC (spontaneous human combustion) and the ensuing debate over potential natural and more extraordinary causes that might explain what occurs in these cases." (p.31). The column looks at a possible relationship between their SHC idea that some people can generate vast amounts of static electricity, and experience an electrochemical "overheating," and certain UAP events.


Jenny cites some examples:

1. Halewood, Merseyside. A man saw a white "balloon" near his face and his skin began to tingle. His arm experienced "goose bumps" and his hair was standing on end.

2. Loch Raven Dam. 1958. Car stoppage case. Witnesses felt sensation on their faces while UAP present. Red coloured faces similar to sunburn.

3. Risley, Cheshire. 1978. Witness to a "glowing white mass" had his radio receiver "explode" and he received sun burnt fingers. Plus his watch stopped.

4. Changi, Singapore. 1953. An orange ball travelled through a house. It passed the fridge, which overheated. Switched off lights glowed a dull orange, until the ball left.


"...I am suggesting that we apparently have accidentally discovered some science that illuminates the physics of UFO encounter cases in which an energetic UAP (unidentified aerial phenomenon) or atmospheric phenomenon forms spontaneously and introduces change into the surrounding atmosphere or into a susceptible human who comes into close proximity." (p.31.)

Jenny suggest that:

"Perhaps people who are "super carriers" may prove to be especially prone to undergoing hyper-reactive close encounters, whereas others would just report seeing a light in the sky." (p.31.)

Australian cases:

I checked my Australia wide catalogue of UAP events and a quick review revealed the following cases which might relate to Jenny's hypothesis.

1. Childers, Queensland. 1969. "Sombrero-hat" shaped object with a glow, was seen by a family. They also heard a noise like a swarm of bees. The hair on the family member's heads and arms stood up as the object left. (North Queensland Register, 18 Jan 1969.)

2. Pinnaroo, South Australia. 1972. A woman's hair stood on end during the time she drove passed a grey-white oval shape, with lights on, which hung, seemingly only some 30 meters off the ground. (Personal investigation by this author.)

3. St. Helens, Tasmania. 1974. A car stalled after a brilliant light lit up the area. The car's occupants experienced a vibrating noise; painful electrical shocks to their bodies and a chocking smell. The adult in the car suffered a numb right side to her face and found a five cent sized red mark above her right eyebrow. In addition, her arms and fingers were badly swollen by the next day. (Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre investigation.)

4. 60kms from Melbourne, Victoria. 1994. Four women in a car saw a large orange light near their car. Getting out they saw a large, diamond shape. One of the women was charged with static electricity. (Women's Day magazine, 26 Dec 1994.)

Have any Australian blog readers cases which they can add to this list?

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  1. i think you must have already taken up the possibility of aliens technology (possibly offensivly and defensive weapons) and cases of shc. i cannot believe this possibility has been overlooked. the pieces of the puzzle of shc and a.c. would make the best possible reason.


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