Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cold case investigations - a listing from this blog

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Over the last three years, I have been undertaking a series of "Cold case" investigations of some Australian UAP events. I have published my findings in various blog posts. I recently decided it would be a good idea to prepare a list of these cases for new blog readers who may like to view them. So here is the list, and links to each post:

26 Feb 1942. Timor Sea. Object circles Dutch cruiser at sea.

5 Feb 1947. Port Augusta, South Australia. Five objects cast shadows.

10 Jan 1954. Morgan, SA. Aircraft event.

15 Jan 1954. Mount Gillen, Northern Territory. Photo taken.

Easter 1954. Eucla, Western Australia. Multiple photo case.

31 Aug 1954. Goulburn, New South Wales.

Oct(?) 1954. North Queensland. W C Hall entities case.

13 Jan 1962. Coogee, NSW. Object in sky.

29 Feb 1964. Plympton, SA. Entity case.

5 Jun 1964. Woomera, SA. The famous film case.

13 Jan 1965. Between Australia and New Zealand. Qantas aircraft case.

24 May 1965. Eton Ridge close encounter and trace.

28 May 1965. Bougainville Reef. Aircraft photo event.

July 1965. Canberra, ACT. Daylight Air traffic controller sightings.

30 Oct 1967. Boyup Brook, WA. Car stop incident.

16 Nov 1967. Yerecoin, WA. Close encounter.

29 Apr 1968. Heyfield, Vic. Close encounter.

2 Aug 1968. Wittenoom, WA. "Low level" UAP.

22 Aug 1968. Zanthus, WA. Classic aircraft encounter.

1 Jun 1970. Zanci Station, NSW. Light near the ground.

Nov 1970. Binolong Bay, Tasmania. Missile?

25 Jul 1972. Frankston, Vic. Classic car stop and abduction.

Nov 1979. Butterworth, Malaysia. RAAF member takes photos.

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