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Car pacing, landing traces, a marine gaseous UAP - another RAAF UAP file digitised

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New file digitised:

National Archives of Australia (NAA) file series A703, control symbol 580/1/1 is a 35 part series of RAAF UAP reports. The Disclosure Australia Project (2003-2008) had a large number of these files digitised. However, a small number were never processed in this way. At the request of Melbourne researcher Paul Dean, part 12 of the series, barcode 646560 held by the NAA’s Canberra office has just been digitised. It makes interesting reading. 

Car pacing, and a 'comet':
This is a 219 page digital file titled “Reports on Flying Saucers and Aerial Objects.” Interesting reports on this file are as follows, in case readers wish to read the detailed version for themselves.

1.A teletype dated 20 Jun 1969 from RAAF base East Sale, Victoria contains details of a report passed to the base by the local police. Two men told the police that a bright light in the sky had seemed to pace their car from West of Bairnsdale to 3 miles south of Stratford. 

2. RAAF Base Darwin reported via teletype dated 16 Jan 1970 that a “comet-like” object was seen from Alice Springs, NT between 3-7 Jan.. It was a white object with a long tail to the south-west. The RAAF explanation for this was that it was either a meteorological balloon or a comet. 

3. The Police Inspector’s office at Deniliquin, NSW in a report dated 23 May 1969 described how a Mr Dillon at 4am, while sewing barley seed, reported an object the size of a motor car had come down out of the sky towards his tractor. It had stopped over his car, some 400 yards from his tractor, remained there for 2-3 minutes then disappeared to the north. Several mother people saw this object on the same night of 17 May 1969. 

Landing traces, and a photographic case:  

4. On 23 May 1969 Graham Longy of Glenorchy, Tasmania, was in his toilet at 1am when he saw through the window, an object on the lawn adjacent to his house. There was one bright light with three window lights on top. It seemed to have lifted straight up. Later, an egg-shaped mark was found on the lawn. My own Australian wide UAP catalogue contains the following entry:

“22 May 1969  Glenorchy  TAS  1M/Lange CE2

Mr G Lange noted a bright glowing six point five metre by three metre high, white object with windows, hovering over the ground in his backyard. He rushed outside but the object had gone, leaving a scorched circle three point five metres by two point five metres wide. There was no sound and no radioactivity was found.  (TUFOIC.)”

5. A RAAF investigation of some unusual ground markings found on St Michael’s golf course at la Perouse, NSW, in Jun 1969. There is a file note dated 4 Jul 1969 that states “The Department of Civil Aviation telephoned this Headquarters on the 3rd July 1969 to report similar sightings at the East Lakes Golf Course on the 27th June and 30th June.”

See my blog post concerning a recent FOI Act request to the Australian Transport Safety Bureau at:

This FOI Act response contains reference to marks on two golf courses.

6. On 5 Jul 1969 a Mrs Martin of Cottesloe, WA reported that at about 5pm while driving near Roleystone she had seen, high above the tree line in front of her car then to the right of the vehicle, a metal/silver coloured, oval shaped object. It seemed to glide and slowly gyrate. It was last seen to view behind her car. Mrs Martin also stated that at one point in the observation a man with a camera dashed out of bushes and she nearly ran him over.

The man with the camera, a Mr Peter Spackman of Cloverdale, WA also came forward. He said that at about 4.40pm he was at Roleystone. It was a fine, but cloudy day when he first saw an object through trees, then above them. It was a solid object in flight. It was several times larger than the Moon in angular size. The object turned and banked frequently, occasionally tumbling slowly. It disappeared into cloud in the west. There was no sound at any time. He used a Polaroid 180 camera to take a photo. The total duration of the sighting was 40 minutes. The RAAF investigation officer wrote that he had seen the original Polaroid shot and that “…there does not appear to be any doubt that it is a genuine photograph of what the observer saw.” There is unfortunately no copy of the photograph on file.

A HIBAL balloon goes on the run:

7. There are numerous reports of a balloon-like object to the south-west of Amberley RAAF Base, Queensland on 29 Aug 1969. A Canberra aircraft was sent to investigate and located a balloon at 6000 feet over Milmerran, Qld. The Mildura Balloon launching station (Project HIBAL) had launched a balloon on 25 Aug 1969 and “It is probable that this balloon failed to self-destruct and was then sighted visually in south-east Queensland…”

Finally, a strange gaseous  marine observation:

8. In a memo from the Department of Defence Naval intelligence Division, dated 10 Sep 1969, the master of the British Merchant ship MV Stenton was at latitude 10 deg 5min S and longitude 110 deg 00 mins E at 1200 hrs Z on 12 Aug 1969. Three crew reported seeing a dull, glowing object traveling west to east bearing 272 deg at 30 deg elevation. “It appeared to be of gaseous form and disappeared when directly overhead.”

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