Friday, May 24, 2013

Addressing the Doubters - 5 Keys To Presenting Scientific Research of UFOs - A guest post by Jessica Reynolds

Scientific research and evidence that UFOs could exist have been presented for years with the majority of the population still holding on to the thought that these findings are just “Hollywood tricks” or coincidence. When presenting legitimate evidence that UFOs may have made an appearance somewhere at some time it is important not to come out guns blazing but to gradually let idea of UFOs sink in to the audience’s mind.  

Here are 5 very important keys to presenting evidence of UFOs that I have found to be at least somewhat effective in a presentation or argument: 

1.      Be Professional in Your Presentation

A bad stigma UFO enthusiasts have is that we are individuals that just want attention. It is slightly annoying when people are so surprised when they see someone in a suit, tie, and with well-constructed research poster or PowerPoint presentation. Show class when you present your findings and you will find that having the respect of your audience makes them more likely to put stock in what you say. 

2.      State the Official Report of An Event That You Find Suspicious

Never dive head first into saying such and such was a UFO sighting or something was left by a UFO landing. Acknowledge what the official story is and start asking questions about questionable circumstances. For example, if symbols appeared in the middle of a plain in Asia, state the official story and ask glaring questions such as who, how, when. Approach it as if you believed it to be to be done by people and you are just pointing out potential flaws in the story. 

3.      Use Numbers, It’s Harder For Them To Lie

Exact dates, measurements, locations, and names are all very pivotal evidence to have. If a man saw a UFO sixty years ago in the sky and it was fake, what exactly did he use to fabricate his picture or video evidence? If kids drew symbols in a field, what did they use to cut or carve them, when did they do it, why? 

4.      Credibility of Witnesses

The easiest way to turn truth into a lie is to discredit the person telling it. When you know of people who have seen government documents regarding UFO sightings, you must be able to bring credit to their name by saying who they are and what they did to see those documents. There are people out there who claim to have worked for the government and claim to have seen documents. Obviously the government has a louder voice than any of us which makes solid pictures, documents with traceable origin and credibility all the more important. 

5.      Do Your Best Not to Accuse Anybody

UFO sightings have their doubters for many reasons. One of which happens to be the fact that the authorities or government are good at making people believe what they want them to. Don’t come out accusing anybody of cover-up, the point of the presentation is to make the audience think, not condemn those trying to sway them the other way. 

Jessica Reynolds loves researching about the underlying mysteries of the world. To help others present their findings in an effective manner she writes for, a company that specializes in scientific research posters.


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  1. Your tips are so helpful to presenting the evidence. Great information...!!


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