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A 1941 UAP file in the National Archives?

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One intriguing file in the National Archives of Australia (NAA) is file series A663, control symbol O24/1/208 titled "Flying Saucers - Request by  P B Hubbard - Daily News Chicago correspondent for information." The barcode is 3032137 with a date range of 1941 to 1941. Obviously, the intriguing thing about this file is the 1941 date, six years before the birth of the modern UAP.

Courtesy of Melbourne researcher Paul Dean the date range mystery for this file has been solved via a digital copy of the file.

The file is eight pages long and was an unclassified Department of Defence file with a main title of "Flying Saucers" and a sub-title of "Request by alt P B Hubbard Daily News. Chicago correspondent for information."

The file opens with a letter dated 13 Aug 1952 from one Mr Fred B Hubbard who signs himself as "Daily News Correspondent" living in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Hubbard addressed his letter to "The Hon Philip A McBride, Minister for Defence."

The letter stated that the Chicago Daily News is "...preparing for 66 U.S. and Canadian daily newspapers what is intended to be the most comprehensive examination yet made of the "flying saucer" situation. It goes on to pose the following questions:

"1. Has Australia developed any missiles which have provided a basis for "flying saucer" reports?

2. Is there any evidence in your possession tending to prove or disprove the existence of "saucers" as mysterious aircraft or missiles?

3. Is the Defense Department concerned over the mysterious phenomena Australians have reported seeing in the skies?

4. Is the Department making any investigation into these reports? If so, has the investigation provided any conclusive proof of the existence or non-existence of "flying saucers?"

5. Is there any scientific basis for any concern over these phenomena?"

The Secretary, Department of Defence prepared a draft reply for the Minister's signature after "The question was discussed initially with Professor Martin, Defence Scientific Adviser."

The Minister's reply dated 3 Sep 1952 was as follows:

"With reference to your letter of 13th August 1952, on the subject of "flying saucers," I have made enquiries into this matter and find that my Department has not received any reports of "flying saucers" in Australia which were considered to warrant further investigation."

There is no explanation for why the NAA's RecordSearch shows a date range of 1941 to 1941 when the documents clearly are dated in 1952,

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