Monday, March 5, 2012

James E McDonald - sighting details sought

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In her book "Firestorm," about James E McDonald, Ann Druffel, (click here for my previous post on the book) wrote on page 184:

"While McDonald was still in Australia he learned of a July 8th sighting of multiple UFOs, being pursued by several light planes, similar to the Andrew Greenwood case..." Druffel cites no reference for this Jul 8  sighting.


The reference to the Andrew Greenwood case, is to the 6 Apr 1966, Westall High School, Clayton, Melbourne, Australia event where multiple witnesses reported an unusual object in the company of five light aircraft. (Click here for Yahoo Groups site on Westall.)

McDonald was in Australia between 25 Jun 1967 and 10 Jul 1967, so the mention of 8 Jul, implies the sighting took place on 8 Jul 1967. Whether it was in Australia or elsewhere in the world is unknown. If it was indeed in Australia it may have relevance to investigations into the Westall event.

Have blog readers any knowledge of this 8 Jul 1967 sighting?

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  1. Keith,

    I too have long wondered about this reference, and haven't (yet) been able to clarify it. I am in the process of checking this out with Ann Druffel, the author of "Firestorm", and will let you know if she can shed any light on the incident.

    There was a sighting in Cumberland in Rhode Island, USA, on that date in 1967, and so it may be a reference to that case. It reads in the book like it might be a reference more to an incident in Australia, but that is not certain.

    Over the course of my Westall research, I have been told about quite a few other cases from around Melbourne and further afield in Australia at around the time of Westall - including cases within a few kilometres of Westall in that same year, 1966. There was also a sighting near Banyule High School in Heidelberg in July 1968, made by around a dozen students as they were travelling to school from their various houses. It made it into "The Age" the following day, complete with a little picture drawn by one of the student witnesses. The link to that article is on the Westall Yahoo Groups site. All the student witnesses described seeing something shaped like a Lifesaver lolly - hollow in the middle - flying across the sky, followed some minutes later by a helicopter. The headmaster had all the students draw what they had seen - something similar to what happened at Westall High School two years earlier. Now, if only we could put our hands on those drawings!!

    Let's keep each other posted.




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