Wednesday, February 29, 2012

UFOs at Woomera and Adelaide scientific facilities

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Another piece which caught my attention in Ann Druffel's book "Firestorm" about James E McDonald (click here for my earlier post ) was a comment about South Australian UFO reports (I live in South Australia.)

James E McDonald wrote to Victorian Flying Saucer Research Society member, Paul Norman, on the eve of McDonald's trip to Australia, " regard to some intriguing sightings involving staff at scientific facilities in Woomera and Adelaide." (p.200.)

What sightings?

I wondered if these were older sightings, or ones which had occurred shortly before McDonald came to Australia (he did not visit Woomera or Adelaide, which are both in South Australia.) McDonald's Australian visit commenced on 25 Jun 1967.

Are we aware of any sightings at "scientific facilities" from Woomera and Adelaide which are dated around Jun 1967? 

I turned to a catalogue of sightings which I had compiled, as occurring at Woomera. Indeed, there were a series of observations all on one date, at Woomera, on 28 Apr 1967. Instrumented observations had been made of an unusual object during the launch of a Skylark rocket (for the Woomera catalogue click here.)

Were these the "intriguing sightings?" There is no way to be sure. As my Woomera catalogue shows, there were numerous, impressive, observations from this location.

What about sightings at "scientific facilities" in Adelaide? Unfortunately, Druffel's book is silent as to the location, date or in fact any other data on this, so we are left to wonder what this reference might be to.

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