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James E McDonald and Woomera - part 2

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In a 29 Feb 2012 post (click here to read that post,)  I wondered just what Woomera, South Australia,  sightings James E McDonald was referring to, in Ann Druffel's book "Firestorm" when there was mention of "...some intriguing sightings involving staff at scientific facilities in Woomera..." (p.200.) In conducting some research. I did find a series of observations of the one object, from Woomera, dated 28 Apr 1967.

It then occurred to me to look at a listing of audio recorded interviews that James E McDonald made, while in Australia in 1967. I found these here. This website contains an excellent listing of McDonald's Australian audio interviews. Disc 46 lists an audio interview: "Andrew Van der Brink UFO sighting, May 23 1967(?) Woomera, Australia, Recorded June 30, 1967, Southern Cross Motel, Melbourne, Australia. 33:30." It is the only interview which lists "Woomera" as the location of the UFO sighting, and fits in with the correct timescale for when McDonald was in Australia.

I checked various catalogues of mine to see if the name Van der Brink was listed, and for the date May 23 1967 or indeed on any other date. I found that I had not come across such an event. I also checked RAAF UFO file file series A703, control symbol 580/1/1 parts 7-9 which cover 1967, but found nothing on them re this sighting.

A search for Andre Van der Brink on the internet found only the Wolfvideo website listing for disc 46.

This 23 May 1967(?) sighting may therefore be one of the "...sightings involving staff at scientific facilities in Woomera.." mentioned by Druffel.

Have any blog readers come across details of this event?

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