Friday, January 27, 2012

More speculation on Westall

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In a recent post (click here) I researched the possibility of a US secret Corona spy program satellite photographic re-entry module being the cause of the Westall incident. My research rejected this possibility.

After the post was published, a girl friend of mine in Perth continued to look for any other secret US driven operations that would cause the Australian government to cover up such an operation, such that a record would never appear in official Australian government files.

The most extreme case that she could think of was the accidental dropping of a US nuclear bomb from a USAF aircraft. This would certainly have been immediately swept under the official carpet. However, when she raised this possibility with me I thought that this would have been an impossible scenario, that it could never have happened, until I was reading a part of Annie Jacobs' book "Area 51."

"On the morning of January 17 1966, a real-life dirty bomb crisis occurred over Palomares, Spain. A Strategic Air Command bomber flying with four armed hydrogen bombs - with yields between 70 kilotons and 1.45 megatons - collided midair with a refueling tanker over the Spanish countryside." (p.297.) Note the years was 1966, the same year as Westall.

"But when the two bombs without parachutes hit the earth, their explosive charges detonated, breaking open the nuclear cores. Nuclear material was released at Palomares in the form of aerosol sized plutonium which then spread out across 650 acres of Spanish farmland." (p.298.)

"The nuclear accidents did not stop there. Two years and four days later there was another airplane crash involving a Strategic Air Command Bomber and four nuclear bombs. On January 21, 1968, an uncontrollable fire started on board a B-52G bomber during a secret mission over Greenland...In November of 2008, a BBC News investigation found that the Pentagon ultimately abandoned that fourth nuclear weapon after it became lost." (p.300.)


Is is at all conceivable that something along these lines happened at Westall? Were there USAF aircraft in Australia in April 1966? Were there any US nuclear weapons in Australia in 1966?  Did any of the Westall witnesses recall seeing military personnel using Geiger counters?

How to start researching this scenario?


  1. A dropped nuclear bomb would not land, leave a burnt ring and take off again. This is not even worth consideration. Why not just accept that it was a flying machine of some sort - either terrestrial or extra-terrestrial in origin?

  2. Nice scenario, and a real possibility, however it totally flies in the face of the witness testimony. It's not possible or even clever to discount the eye witness accounts of what they saw, their friends saw, and what they were instructed to NEVER talk about. They all, to this day, are of one mind in what they saw over the school, and in the Grange. Have a look at the DVD, Westall 66 if you are not familiar with the witnesses to this sighting event.
    Cheers...George Simpson, Director Australian UFO Research Network, Victoria.

  3. With all due respect Pauline, I don't think people have done enough research on the Corona-type theory to be able to reject it.

  4. George, if the US accidentally crashed some nuclear weapon, it is entirely plausible that they would go out of their way to shut people up and tell them never to talk about it. This was the Cold War afterall.

    It's possible that some kind of US disc-shaped nuclear device-carrying craft could leave a burned ring in the grass. If it was a US controlled craft it's also possible that it malfunctioned and crashed landed before it launched off again.

    I'm not a debunker, just someone who tries to think about UFOs as rationally as possible. The more rigorous ufologists are in critically analysing these things, the more seriously people will take the UFO phenomenon. When lazy arguments are made, no one takes UFOs seriously.

  5. Is is at all conceivable that something along these lines happened at Westall? Were there USAF aircraft in Australia in April 1966? Were there any US nuclear weapons in Australia in 1966?


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