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Interaction between the RAAF and USAF - Project Bluebook

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In a recent post (click here) I wrote about the 1953 interaction between the USAF and RAAF, and pondered whether the RAAF participated in the USAF Project Blue Book by passing on early Australian flying saucer reports to the USAF. After browsing the Project Blue Book archives (click here) I can now report further.

George A Uhrich:

Uhrich was the Assistant Air Attache at the American Embassy in Australia in 1953. In that year, in May, he visited the offices of the Directorate of Air Force Intelligence (RAAF) to discuss Australian reports of flying saucers.

The Project Blue Book archives indicates as follows. Blue Book references are shown first - you can look up these documents for yourself on their website.

Dated 17 July 1953 it is a copy of a report from Condamine, Queensland sent to Blue Book by Uhrich.

MAXW-PBB8-1011 to 1013
This is the report from Condamine, titled "Report on Unidentified aircraft" of 2 Feb 1951. It was prepared by the RAAF Intelligence Officer, Amberley RAAF base, and forwarded to blue Book by Uhrich. I have never seen this document in any RAAF file that the Disclosure Australia project reviewed.

A Blue Book index card recording details of the 3 May 1952, Kew, Melbourne, Victoria sighting.

This document from Uhrich to Blue Book is dated 20 Jul 1953 and encloses a copy of the Kew report.

A copy of the RAAF's report, dated 15 may 1952 on the Kew, Melbourne report of 3 May 1952.

A memo from Uhrich, dated 20 Jul 1953 encloses a report from Sydney, Australia.

MAXW-PBB10-407 to 411
A copy of the RAAF's internal report on the 3 May 1952 sightings over Sydney.

RAAF file:

For those interested in reading the RAAF's own file on the 3 May 1952 Sydney sightings take a look in the National Archives of Australia website at file series A11066 control symbol 5/1/27 Part B titled "Eastern Area Headquarters Intelligence Report on Unusual Sightings 3/5/1952."


Here then, is the direct evidence, that the RAAF had supplied the USAF with information on sightings from Australia in the early 1950's.

Lost file:

SEC CD2/2 is a file reference which appears in some early RAAF files. It is believed to be a file which held their prior to 1953 internal UFO reports. It may hold further information about the early interaction between the USAF and RAAF. However, although searches have been undertaken to locate this file, it has never been located. Indeed suggestions are that it has been "lost."

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