Thursday, January 19, 2012

More National Archive Australian UFO files released

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It pays to periodically visit the National Archives of Australia website, and take a look for any new Australian government UFO files which have been released by the Archives.

Recently, I found details of five new files which haven't previously appeared in the Archives' RecordSearch database.

They are:

1. File series A9755 control symbol 4 titled [RAAF Headquarters Support Command, Victoria Barracks, Victoria] UFO [Unidentified Flying Object] reports [UAS - Unusual Aerial Sightings] 1978-1989.

2. File series A9755 control symbol 8 titled [Headquarters RAAF base Williamtown] Exercise Close Encounters [UAS - Unusual Aerial Sightings] [UFO - Unidentified Flying Object] 1983-1983.

3. File series A9755 control symbol 11 [RAAF Headquarters Support command, Victoria Barracks, Victoria] Information and photographs relating to unexplained aerial sightings [UAS - Unusual Aerial Sightings] [UFO - Unidentified Flying Object] 1983-1994.

4. File series A9755 control symbol 15 titled [RAAF Headquarters Amberley Base, Queensland] Unusual Aerial Sightings [UAS] [UFO - Unidentified Flying Object] 1982-1985.

5. File series A9755 control symbol 22 [RAAF AF Intelligence and Security, Canberra] UFOs [Unidentified Flying Object] enquiries from members of the public and civilian research organisation [UAS - Unusual Aerial Sighting] 1982-1994.

Don't rush off to the archives!

Unfortunately, A9755 control symbols 8, 11, 15 and 22 are marked with a status "Not yet Examined" which means Archives staff have not yet determined if they will be open for public inspection. In fact when you take a look at the date range of these files you will see that they range from 1982-1994, meaning that none of the papers on the files will be open to view them until 2013 at the earliest. So, knowing of the existence of these four  files is of little value!

The only file presently marked with a status "Open with exception" is files control symbol 4.

Disclosure Australia Project:

All is not lost. Members of the Disclosure Australia Project had an opportunity to view some of these files in August 2004 at the RAAF Base Edinburgh. Details are available at in Project newsletter number 15.

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