Sunday, November 1, 2009

Peter Khoury's alien encounters

Sunday again. I don't know if you are like me, but there is always a bunch of books next to my bed, waiting to be read or re-read, when the opportunity arises.

This morning it was "Hair of the alien" by Sydney based researcher Bill Chalker, published in New York in 2005 by Paraview Pocketbooks.

After finding out about the current scientific thinking on out-of-body experiences, I had a niggling thought in my mind about the accounts of abductee Peter Khoury, which are documented in Bill's book. Somewhere, I had the feeling that part of his encounters were viewed from a perspective out of his physical body. So, out came the book to check it out. What did I find?

On page 23 Peter is quoted verbatim about his 1992 encounter. " was at a time I had had head injuries and I was on a lot of medication, and I was pretty sick."

Pages 25-26. "...drove my wife to the station. I did pull up a few times and get sick. I came back home. I felt really ill, so I went straight back to bed at about 7.05am. I was clothed. I fell asleep. At about 7.30 I sat up bolt upright in bed...I was trying to get my bearings. I was looking at a transparent image. I'm looking at myself...The way I was looking it, was like I was looking through the back of my head, like though my eyes, sitting behind me, watching myself, like I could see myself in front. Like I could see the back view of me...It is really hard to explain, but I was virtually looking ...standing back, looking through my image in front of me. I was watching this and I could see myself as well as the two women. Then I caught up-my physical body."

This seems to be a very clear description of an out-of-body experience which science is now saying is internally generated by the human mind!

How did this experience end?

On page 32, it tells us that "...I started to cough, got this coughing fit, and I might have taken my eyes off them for a split second, I think, I've looked up and they weren't there anymore."

To me, it is suggesting that Peter's internal focusing was disturbed by the physical act of coughing and this returned his attention to the external world, and thus the mind generated images ceased to exist.

Peter later, page 109,describes an earlier encounter with what appeared to be the same two women, in about 1991. Again, in this earlier encounter, his perspective of viewing was "...when all of a sudden I saw myself sitting in bed, sitting up in bed." He seemed to be viewing from a perspective next to his physical body.

There is also a description of a 1996 event, on page 106 of the book. Peter was in bed and experienced a sort of creeping paralysis. He then saw a whole group of beings coming through a mirror in the room he was in. "I'm just getting lifted off the one is touching me...I'm being floated towards the mirror...I'm starting to go through it..." He found himself back in bed without recalling traveling back through the mirror.

If one starts from the assumption that a human being cannot actually travel through a mirror, then this is again a good description of an out-of-body experience and not a physically kidnapping by aliens.

These 1991, 1992 and 1996 episodes all seem to indicate that they were in fact instances of an altered state of consciousness, where the content of the experiences, which we no doubt utterly real to the experiencer, were generated by the human mind.

Having said all of the above, in Peter Khoury's case there is always the "hair" from the 1992 experience, which when analysed showed some pretty unusual properties. But still, is the "hair" an actual physical indicator of a real experience, or could there be some other explanation which explains the hair but leaves the experiences as altered states? A fascinating question, which I will leave the reader to ponder.

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