Friday, November 27, 2009

The UFOs that never were

This is the title of a 2000 publication by Jenny Randles, Andy Roberts and David Clarke, published by London House, ISBN 1902 809 351.

It is a book about UFO cases "that have been solved." page 9.

"In the crazy world of UFO buffs you either support the "great truth" - that a massive alien invasion is underway - or are considered with great suspicion even for being interested in this field." page 13.

"To be a UFOlogist you need to be part social worker, a detective, a lateral thinker , a logic puzzle addict and have dogged commitment to wade through a myriad possibilities towards the truth." page 14.

The book presents research into a range of previously apparent UFO accounts, including the following:

24 March 1997 Howden Moors UK
UFO hovering in night sky. RAAF jets. Explosion. Accounts of aircraft coming down. Search by rescue teams. However, no aircraft was know to be missing, and there was no radar sighting.

"It seems obvious that a concatenation of unconnected events conspired on this particular night to produce a scenario which led the emergency services to conclude an aircraft had crashed." page 50.

June 1973 The Peter Day film UK
Peter filmed an orange ball of light during the daytime. The film turned into a classic UFO case as there were independent observers.

However, great detective work over time revealed the film showed a USAF aircraft dumping fuel. The plane later crashed.

26 Oct 1996 Isle of Lewis UK
There was a flash of light and a loud explosion. However, there was no missing aircraft. Was it a UFO?

Research indicated the object was in fact a bolide or space debris re-entering the atmosphere.

23 Jan 1974 Berwyn Mountain UK
One, possibly two explosions heard over a wide area. Rumbling of ground. Glow seen over mountains. Possible aircraft crash or UFO?

The final explanation was a combination of prolific meteor activity, an earth tremor and poaching activity.

The facts about these and other similarly apparently puzzling cases, are examined in detail in the book. In each case a mundane explanation which fits the facts is revealed.

I found this book in the local library and it shows that you have to always be willing to take the time to examine all the facts and look at all the possible explanations.

A great read. A book all UFO researchers should have in there shelves.

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