Sunday, November 15, 2009


Well, it is Sunday again and what a week it has been in Adelaide! Our first November heatwave on record. Several days where the maximum was 39 degrees centigrade, and today it is forecast to be 40 degrees!

Looking out of the window I see clouds in the sky which herald the approaching cooler change (predicted 28 degrees tomorrow).

I haven't been posting for a while, as I have been distracted by both the heat, and a book I bought last week.

I started reading a non-UFO book (yes, I do read the occasional non-UFO title) titled "The defence of the realm: the authorised history of MI5" It is written by intelligence historian Christopher Andrew. Published this year in the UK by Allen Lane, it is a whopping 1032 pages long, and after a week at it, I am still only half way through.

Why am I reading this book, I hear you ask?

If you have read some of my earlier posts about Jacques Vallee's work, you will see that I have a keen interest in the relationship between intelligence agencies and the UFO phenomenon.

So I am reading my way through the 1032 pages to improve my general understanding of the working of MI5, and the very smallest hope that there might be something in the book which I can relate to the UFO phenomenon (cross your fingers!)

Well, back to page 523!

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