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The Sol Foundation for Advanced Scientific and Policy Research

Dr. Jensine Andresen

In her October 2023 book "Hyperconvergence" Dr. Jensine Andresen wrote, inter alia, about the establishment of The Sol Foundation, a relatively new U.S. entity involved with UAP studies. 

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Sol Foundation Alabama

Dr. Andresen noted that there is an entity named The Sol Foundation listed in the register of business names records of the Secretary of State for Alabama, in the U.S.A. This Sol Foundation, one of many entities with the name Sol Foundation, is file number 001-041-463 with a registration filing date of 23 September 2022. Its "registered agent" is shown as Ignite Fueling Innovation Inc. with an address of 530c Discovery Drive NW Huntsville, Alabama. Ignite was founded in 2001 and is an aero-defense service firm with military customers.  

According to Andresen, "Directors of The Sol Foundation include Saul Mercado and Garry P. Nolan. The Incorporator is listed as Garry P. Nolan." Andresen's research indicated that Saul Mercado has been a Foreign Service Officer at the U.S. Department of State since 2011. His LinkedIn profile includes that he is a former academic with background in anthropology and linguistics.

Fact checking

In fact-checking the above I utilized a number of Internet websites including "opencorporates." These confirmed the existence of a corporate non-profit corporation with the name The Sol Foundation, registered in Alabama, formed on 23 September 2022, company number 001-041-463. Its business classification text reads "The Sol Foundation supports research into and the understanding of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena." Its agent name is indeed listed as Ignite Fueling Innovation Inc. of 530C Discovery Drive, NW Huntsville, Alabama. Saul Mercado Ph.D. is shown as a director of The Sol Foundation, as is Christopher Mellon.  A check with LinkedIn locates an account showing that one Saul Mercado was indeed a US diplomat between May 2011 and January 2023 with a background in anthropology. A check on what an " Agent name" means found that it refers to "...a person or business designated to receive service of process and other official documents by mail or in-person on behalf of a company." 

The Sol Foundation California

However, my own further research located details of another The Sol Foundation, this time in California. According to the business names records of the Californian Secretary of State, The Sol Foundation for Advanced Scientific and Policy Research reserved that name on 28 June 2023, then registered that name on 7 July 2023. Entity number 5810665. Its agent' name was Incorporating Services Ltd. Its officers are listed as Garry P. Nolan, CEO; Peter Skafish Secretary; and Jonathan Berte, Chief Finacial Officer. Article II of its articles of incorporation, includes the text "The specific and primary purpose ...including but not limited to supporting research into and the understanding of Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena." 

An attachment to the Articles of Association states:

"The specific purpose of this corporation includes but is not limited to supporting research into and the understanding of Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena. Any amendment to these Articles of Incorporation shall require the written approval of each of Garry Nolan, Peter Skafish and Dave Grusch, if they are still living, have not become incapacitated, and have not been declare dead by a court of law."

Note the name "Dave Grusch" which is the David Grusch who made news by becoming a whistleblower on UAP in general and specifically with claims relating to knowledge of crash retrieval and reverse engineering activities by the U.S. government.  Grusch's cv includes the following:

"May 2023-Present, Chief Operating Officer (COO), The Sol Foundation • Managing day-to-day operations for a 501c3 federally recognized non-profit. The premier center for research in the natural and social sciences, engineering, and the humanities, but also extends activities to advisory and policy work for the U.S. government/public outreach."

The May 2023 date is interesting in that of the two known iterations of The Sol Foundation, only the Alabama registered one was active in May 2023. The Californian iteration wasn't active until 7 July 2023. 

Update: 6 January 2024

Steve Te.🔭👀🌎🇺🇦🇮🇱 (@Steve_uap2020) / X ( advised me in a tweet dated 6 January 2024 that "the first iteration of the Sol Foundation (incorporated in Alabama) was ultimately dissolved on Sept 15,2023." 

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  1. Very interesting article Keith. Given what you've turned up about the Sol Foundation it's not surprising then to see Colonel Karl Nell issuing The Deadline of Disclosure at this event with his associate acting as one of the chief officers. I'll be very interested to see if this organization becomes one of the chief venues for disclosure for the forty or so individuals whom Nell/Grusch are in touch with and whether they just give the Paradigm Institute and Congress a big ol' vote of no confidence..


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