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The BAASS AAWSAP CAPELLA data warehouse resurfaces

 "Skinwalkers at the Pentagon"

Appendix 1 to the 2021 book "Skinwalkers at the Pentagon" provided, inter alia, a listing of the individual databases which comprised the Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS) UAP data warehouse, named CAPELLA by its originator Jacques Vallee. Listed there were the following individual spreadsheets:

1. NIDS spreadsheet - 1946-2004, 1570 cases.

2. Pilot spreadsheet - 1942-2007, 483 records.

3. Sign/Grudge/Blue Book spreadsheet - 1947-1969, 15674 cases.

4. UFOCAT spreadsheet - 1000-2008, 203805 cases.

5. Project Colares spreadsheet - 1977-1978, 356 cases.

6. Canadian release spreadsheet - 1971-1981, 795 cases.

7. United Kingdom release spreadsheet - 1950-1997, 2879 cases.

8. BAASS spreadsheet - 1999-2010, 27 cases.

9. Utah Ranch spreadsheet - 1950-2012, 582 cases.

Mentioned elsewhere in the book, but not listed in Appendix 1 were:

10. MUFON CMS database.

11. Eyes-only physiological effects on individuals who spent time at Skinwalker Ranch. 

New website

Yesterday, a new website, called PhenomAInon, was launched by Otoai Limited Liability Company. Papers to create the new LLC were filed 28 May 2021, filing number 2021-001008746, showing its address as Sheridan, Wyoming. Its registered agent is an entity named Cloud Peak Law LLC. The home page of the website states:

"PhenomAInon is the worlds first Cloud native Data and AI platform for phenomenon based data analysis. We are building a connected framework and Open Source Phenomenon Platform (OSPP) to provide data ingestion, data and AI analysis, and insights pipeline for research, collaboration, and community."

In the "data" section of the website there are a number of spreadsheet databases. These are:

1. NIDS - 1978-2004, 1568 cases.

2. Pilot - 1949-2007, 483 cases.

3. Blue Book - 15670 cases.

4. Brazil - 1977-1978, 348 cases.

5. Canada - 1971-1981, 759 cases.

6. United Kingdom - 1950-2000, 2879 cases.

7. BAASS - 1905-2010, 49 cases.

8. Skinwalker Ranch - 1950-2010, 586 cases.

Included also are:

9. MUFON (subset) - 928 cases.

10. NUFORC - 73,050 cases.

 As can be seen, the PhenomAInon spreadsheet details, are remarkably similar to the BAASS AAWSAP spreadsheet details. One can only conclude that the source of almost all PhenomAInon's databases is the CAPELLA warehouse. Yet, as far as UAP researchers are aware no-one until now, has been able to access the CAPELLA material. Copies were reportedly held only by BAASS who generated them, and the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), who were provided with copies, as a result of BAASS undertaking the AAWSAP contract for the DIA. 

There is one tantalising piece of data to support the above contention. In the Lacatksi et al, book there is the following quote:

"The authors are aware that the AAWSAP BAASS Data Warehouse, rather than lying fallow in a dusty warehouse or on a discarded hard drive, has been recently reactivated and is currently in use in various locations related to the government study of UAPs. The significant advantage of the AAWSAP BAASS Date Warehouse architecture was its modular design. This means that current users can utilize individual databases while adding or discarding others. At the cessation of the AAWSAP program, an enhanced analytical layer was about to be overlaid on the database with the intent to eventually incorporate an AI interrogation capability. This feature has now been added to the upgraded AAWSAP BAASS Data Warehouse and is a useful tool in beefing up the UAP analytical capability of the UAPTF."

So, yes. it would appear that the team behind PhenomAInon has resurrected the AAWSAP BAASS Data Warehouse and overlaid an AI interrogation capability, and has now published it for all to view.

Who is behind Otoai LLC?

That would be a team led by Joe Schurman. His LinkedIN profile states:

"Joe is a Partner/Principal within PwC's Cloud & Digital organization transforming the industry through the power of business & experience-led cloud native solutions with Cloud Native Applications, Artificial Intelligence, and Data & Analytics capabilities. Joe has also been featured for AI Research & Development on A&E Networks / The History Channel, CNN and Fox Business for his work with the United States Military and multiple agencies focused on foreign threat detection and analysis, having developed an end-to-end Cloud Native AI platform.

Based out of Houston, TX, Joe has over 25 years of product engineering experience leading R&D and launch teams with market-leading organizations including Slalom Build, Microsoft Research, Accenture and Avanade for Fortune 500 companies. Joe spent close to a decade at Microsoft Research in the Communications Incubation Center creating secure, cloud communications technology and has spent the past several years focusing on Agile software engineering, Microservices, cloud-native product and service development, big data, analytics, AI Cognitive Services, Machine Learning, and DevSecOps across Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud Platform. Joe works with industry-leading organizations at the executive level from both a strategy and execution perspective to drive adoption of new and innovative cloud-based capabilities to harness the power of Data & AI to provide increased computing performance while saving costs tied to specific business-driven outcomes."

Schurman gave a presentation titled "AI and UAPs" at the 2021 AI Expo, which provided an excellent outline of the platform which he has established for his UAP work. In the video of the presentation, Schurman mentions his liasion with such indivduals as Chris Mellon, Lue Elizondo, and others in the Defense industry whom he cannot mention.  

End note

Joe and his team are to be congratulated for this innovative work, which has brought previously hidden data into the public limelight. While this blog only focuses on the CAPELLA data warehouse, I would urge readers to take a look at the new website, and support the company's work on behalf of all UAP researchers.

Update: 8 May 2022 11:52AM

The "Incident Database Summaries" section of the website also includes a 3 page BAASS document titled "CAPELLA data warehouse - Dominique Weinstein's Pilots Database Completion Summary" dated 21 April 2010 by Douglas Kurth. 

There is also another 26 page BAASS document titled "Utah Ranch events September 2007 to present" dated 6 April 2012 which presents details of events involving physiological effects. This may well be database 11 mentioned above, in the section on the Lacatski et al book, appendix 1. 

In addition to the above, there is a 3 page BAASS document concerning the CAPELLA Canadian release spreadsheet. 


  1. Hi Keith, thank you for the great article and information. You might find it interesting that Joe Schurman is also on the board of advisors at DeLonge’s TTS (formerly TTSA):

  2. Thank you, Keith, for the exciting information.

  3. Interesting that the business registration for 0TOAI, LLC was registered in Sheridan, Wyoming which is about a 45 minute drive from Lue Elizondo's house. Lue has been talking a lot about what amazing things AI can do with studying UAPs. Co-incidence? There's also a TTSA podcast Lue Elizondo & Joe Schurman on #UAP data problem. Link follows:


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