Wednesday, March 23, 2022

37 out of those 38 AAWSAP Defense Intelligence Documents released by the DIA

Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications Program (AAWSAP)

During the Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS) contract with the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA,) BAASS commisioned 38 technical reports from a range of world class aerospace specialists and academics. These technical reports were turned into Defense Intelligence Reference Documents (DIRDs) by the DIA's James T. Lacatski. Various UAP researchers and others, have obtained and made available a number of these DIRDs; a total so far, of 13 by my count. 

Now thanks to a recent FOIA response by the DIA, to a UAP researcher who wishes to remain anonymous for the moment, we now have copies of 37 out of the 38 DIRDs. The final, unavailable for now, DIRD was a "classified" version of one of the others.

FOIA request

The FOIA response from the DIA, is imaged below:

The documents

In a response to a query directed to the DIA by our anonymous researcher, the DIA wrote:

"...we plan to release all AATIP related documents to the DIA FOIA Reading Room. I don't have the exact number of documents, however I do know it will be more than 37."

Here is a link to the 37 documents. Enjoy. 


  1. Read a few...they are historical reviews. Didn't see one juicy tidbit. Some are written by 80-year-olds who start out recoutning their entire history in aerospace. Big yawner.

  2. Nice to see this coming out. People are ready. Remember how that former defense force officer in Israel came out about the topic and masses reacted like "Ok, what ever"?
    Fear that bigger disclosure would cause panic and chaos is overexaggerated. I've known about UFO:s since early 80's and studied everything. So I have also met and talked about the phenomenom with a lots of folks who never have studied the topic before and I've seen the change in knowledge between common folks here at the root level. I live in Finland and grew up in a country side near small little town. So basically in the "middle of nowhere". That was way before internet when I started. Popularity of the topic exploded few years after the y2k.

    It's totally safe to publish more now, like everything at once. Don't underestimate common folks, us at the bottom of the pyramid.

  3. Just further confirmation for me that Bigelow Aerospace and their government contracts are, and always have been, nothing more than standard glad-handing by politicians. Bigelow makes political 'donations' to certain politicians, those politicians reward them with juicy contracts and millions of taxpayer $$$, they proceed to produce a bunch of meaningless documents that rehash old news and provide nothing new, everyone makes money, the taxpayer gets screwed, the cycle continues.

    There is nothing in any of those documents that I saw that indicate further evidence supporting claims that aliens exist or are visiting our planet.

    1. "There is nothing in any of those documents that I saw that indicate further evidence supporting claims that aliens exist or are visiting our planet."

      My take on why:

      "Have extraterrestrials ever visited Earth?"


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