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U.S.A.F's National Air and Space Intelligence Center to receive UAP data

Bill S.2610

Thanks to the efforts of Twitter user UAP36665648 and the Silva Record blog,  we find out that S.2610, a bill before the Unites States Congress, mentions UAP. Note, that it is currently a "Bill" and not an "Act." Thus the wording of the final version of the "Act" may be somewhat different. 

S.2610 is a bill "To authorize appropriations for fiscal year 2022 for intelligence and intelligence-related activity of the United State Government, the Intelligence Community Management Account, and the Central intelligence Agency retirement and Disability System, and for other purposes."

UAP mentioned in the bill

Section 345 of the bill is titled "Support for and oversight of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force" and reads as follows:

(a) Definitions- In this section:

(1) APPROPRIATE COMMITTEES OF CONGRESS - The term "appropriate committees of Congress" includes:

(A) The Congressional intelligence Committee.

\(B) The Committee on Armed Services of the Senate.

(C) The Committee on Armed Services of the House of Representatives.

(2) UNIDENTIFIED AERIAL PHENOMENA TASK FORCE - The term "Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force" means the task force established by the Department of Defense on August 4, 2020, to be led by the Department of the Navy, under the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security.

(b) AVAILABLITY OF DATA ON UNIDENTIFIED AERIAL PHENOMENA - The Director of National intelligence and the Secretary of Defense shall each, in coordination with each other require each element of the Intelligence Community and the Department of defense with data relating to unidentified aerial phenomena, to make such data available immediately to the Unidentified Aerial phenomena Task Force and to the National Air and Space Intelligence Center.


(1) IN GENERAL - Not later than 90 days after the enactment of this Act and not less frequently than quarterly thereafter, the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force, or such other entity as the Deputy Secretary of Defense may designate to be responsible for matters relating to Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, shall submit to the appropriate committees of Congress quarterly reports on the  findings of the Unidentified Aerial phenomena task Force or such other designated entity as the case may be.

(2) CONTENTS - Each report submitted under paragraph (1) shall indicate, at a minimum, the following:

(A) All reported unidentified aerial phenomena-related events that occurred during the previous 90 days.

(B) All reported unidentified aerial phenomena-related events that occurred during a time period other than the previous 90 days but were not reported in an earlier report.

(3) FORM - Each report submitted under paragraph (1) shall be submitted in classified form."

What is the National Air and Space Intelligence Center?

According to its website, NASIC (for short) is "...the Department of Defense' s primary source for foreign air and space threat analysis. NASIC is the Air Force's service intelligence center, the nation's air and space intelligence center, and an operational wing in the Air Force's ISR enterprise."

NASIC is based at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, near Dayton, Ohio. It reports directly to the Deputy Chief of Staff, for Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance, and Cyber Effects operations.

For a comprehensive article on NASIC in the context of UAP, please take a look at a blog, dated 17 February 2019, by Melbourne based researcher Paul Dean. 

Project Blue Book

The U.S.A.F. previously ran a UFO Project, Project Blue Book, between 1952 and 1969, headquartered at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. It had two goals, to see if UFOs were a threat to national security and to analyze UFO data. 


This is the first time I can recall, that NASIC has been mentioned, in a Congressional document, as a recipient for UAP related data. It will be interesting to see which area of NASIC will actually process the data. 

Update: 10 August 2021

In an article dated 9 August 2021, POLITICO journalist Bryan Bender wrote about the above topic. In the article there were some additional information:

1. "The Pentagon is considering giving the Space Force a greater role in a stepped up effort to track and investigate reports of UFOs. But the newest military branch isn't over the moon about the idea."

2. "A congressional staffer also told POLITICO the classified portion of the bill includes a provision outlining more parameters for tackling the subject over the longer term, including recommending additional funding to finance the effort."

3. "A former Pentagon official also said he expects there will also be legislative guidance on UAPs in a final version of the National Defense Authorization Act."

4. "But in addition to the Space Force, which works in tandem with the newly re-established U.S. Space Command, officials are considering a number of military and intelligence organizations at this early stage that could take the lead or combine their efforts in a new organization.

One is the secretive Space Security and Defense Program, which reports to both the Pentagon and the director of national intelligence, which oversees all, spy agencies.

The outfit had a broad writ to assess potential space threats and also has authority to award contracts to develop new collection capabilities.  Other candidates for a greater role in overseeing UFO issues are the Defense Intelligence Agency, which studies foreign weapons systems and has a history of researching such sightings, as well as the North American Aerospace Defense Command in Colorado, which is responsible for defending the nation's airspace."

Update: 19 August 2021

Thanks to D. Dean Johnson (Twitter 19 August 2021) we find out that on 28 July 2021  the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence met to consider the Intelligence Authorization Bill FY 2022. "Among the amendments adopted en bloc, by voice vote, was an amendment moved by SSCI Chairman Senator Mark Warner." 

"Ranking SSCI Republican Marco Rubio (R-FL) and SSCI members Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), Marttin Heinrich (D-NM) and Ray Blunt (R-MO), 'to require support for and oversight of the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force ' to quote the SSCI explanatory report released August, 10, 2021."

Update: 10 March 2022

Once again thanks to Douglas Dean Johnson (Twitter 9 March 2022) who informs us that a bill containing the Intelligence Authorization  Act (IAA) FY 2022, is on its way to enactment. The UAP portion of the IAA"...imposes two new requirements on the Dept. of Defense and Director of National Intelligence. " One of these is that all components of the Intelligence Community and the Department of Defense, must in addition to sending UAP reports to the Airborne Object Identification and Management Sychronization Group (AOIMSG,) also send them to the USAF's National Air and Space Intelligence Center (NASIC.) For a comprehensive look at NASIC in relation to the UAP topic I refer you to a blog article by Melbourne research Paul Dean. 


  1. "classified form".....upssss !!!!!

  2. The United States government spent the last century denying "UFOs", by all means and with all its tools, but since 2017 it decided to change the name to "UAPs", although the discourse and planning is the same, the expressions "secret", "budget increase" and "confidential" remain immovable.
    There is no "tourist card" to enter Area 51, nor is there "full access" to declassified documents, much less "open meetings with citizens."
    Even so, the entire world ufological universe applauds furiously, censors critical opinions, is incapable of making an objective and deep criticism, and above all else it plays the game of those who are using its experience, credibility, seriousness and true passion for know the truth.
    Some of you dedicated a lifetime to this.
    Don't you realize that you are betraying yourself?
    Do you not understand that, in this way, you are puppets, to whom they have given 1 of the 10 control strings?
    Not one of all soldiers and spies is capable of looking you in the face and telling you the truth.
    A truth that is found running right over the razor's cut, leaving aside the terrifying, and on the other the wonderful.

    1. I'm with you, Loeb-Galileo disqualified the military pilots, what need to do? The images of the UAPs were taken by advanced target tracking devices, not by "shaky cameras in the cockpit", it is a lie that there is more openness, in the Navy they warn you about opening your mouth, today !!!
      Just new business !!!

  3. C.R. Conrad - ADF (Ret.)August 16, 2021 at 4:42 AM

    I add, at the end of the day, even the military do not believe in the discourse of an "internal opening", our mission is national defense and this of putting the "aliens" as enemies is, at least, childish, in 1996 a specialist in Harvard Business School said that humanity should invest 50% of all countries, for half a century, to reach a technological base that can match the obvious capabilities of UFOs.
    We cannot speculate on the basis of war, the military are essentially tools for peace and good coexistence, even with possible non-human intelligent species.

  4. Danny Dee from AdelaidaAugust 16, 2021 at 3:27 PM

    Go on I agree too, they lied to us for decades, we cant believe in who said us many times "the AREA 51 dont exist".

  5. Oky, how good they are now, please someone tell me when I can access the original documentary archives of Project Blue Book, I am an academic historian, with a degree in conservation of historical documents //// Ops!I can not do it?!

  6. Ellen Fuller from TexasAugust 19, 2021 at 1:34 PM

    The FOIA procedure does not include large companies, nor justice, nor the senate, nor private companies, only a part of the state that when it releases documents, it does so by filling them with black marks that cover important information of each case, the demonstration that all "liberation" is a new deception.
    Everything is paid for with our taxes !!!!!

  7. To bear in mind: google renewed its ETCI accesses, it is impossible to lift the posts from the webs with the user open, I have already reported errors but have not received a solution yet.

  8. De muy joven formé el 2do grupo militar que recorrió la zona del silencio en cuestión al ufo crash de Coyame-Chihuahua en 1974, después de regresar asqueado por la mentira y la mediocridad del gobierno y la cobardía de los políticos y militares mexicanos, cumplí mi contrato y renuncié para ocuparme de mis asuntos.
    Lo que vi en esa exploración militar todavía duele en mis recuerdos, fue siempre una carga pesada para i vida, que me quitó la alegría.
    Aún así formé una familia y hoy abuelo a los 78, mi nieta me invitó a una conferencia en 2019 de un grupo de la Patagonia aquí en Chihuahua, ella me insistió muchas veces hasta que decidí acompañarla.
    Había 400 personas, allí uno de los conferencistas se paseaba por los pasillos entre la gente mientras hablaba de los casos y las fotos que se mostraban en la pantalla, yo estaba sentado y en un momento se paró a mi lado, y comenzó a hablar de Coyame, en la pantalla aparecieron imágenes y entre ellas los miembros de nuestro escuadrón, y yo de joven.
    La conferencia y preguntas duró 4 horas, luego me quedé a hablar con esa gente, tenían una carpeta para mí, con los detalles de lo que en verdad ocurrió en Coyame.
    Desde ese día recuperé la confianza en las personas, no todos tramposos, hay allí afuera quienes pueden cambiar toda las mentiras de los gobiernos sobre los ovnis.
    Mi reconocimiento al titular de esta página.

    1. Judith e George SvergwellAugust 23, 2021 at 9:04 PM

      My assistance to you dear Pedro, with my husband we participated for several years, between 2014 and 2018, in the generational recovery program of the organization, we are both reaching our 90s and those good people taught us to understand how this is handled in governments, share our experience, and create a heritage that helps our children and grandchildren learn our experiences first-hand.
      The worst thing that can happen to those of us who are already in the last times of our life is not knowing, being deceived or losing our family legacy.

    2. so hard! so ethics! we read you and respect you.


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