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"UFO Investigation: The Methodology for a New Age" - new book by Richard R. Lang

 Richard R. Lang

A new book has been authored by long-term, United States UAP investigator, Richard R. Lang. Lang is an author, speaker, and investigator; a licensed FAA commercial pilot; and has a B.S. degree in Aeronautical Science from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. He has worked both as a private investigator; a Virginia state law enforcement officer, and for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. In 2009 he managed the Bigelow Advanced Aerospace Space Studies (BAASS)/Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) SIP Project and STAR Team. Currently he is the owner and editor of Lang Publication.


The book starts off by introducing the topic of UAP and UAP investigation, then Lang tells us about his 1976, Florida, solo, nocturnal flight where he overheard other pilots reporting a huge, stationary object off the coast of that state. Lang was unable to establish a visual on the object, but this event started off his long-term interest in UAP. 

Lang then goes on (chapter two) to discuss his formal investigative training; his work with the Discovery Channel and the MUFON STAR team (chapter three;)  the BAASS/MUFON era (chapter four;) a discussion of the topics of "Disclosure" and government cover-up (chapter five.)

This then leads on to a discussion about government contactors and military crash retrieval teams (chapter six;) video investigations (chapter seven;) equipment used in investigations (chapter eight;; the perception of reality (chapter nine;) "multi-dimensional consciousness" (chapter ten;) "a 6-layer model for anomalous phenomenon - an exploration of the Vallee and Davis model (chapter eleven.)

Chapter twelve is devoted to report writing; chapter thirteen to "An SOP for investigation methodology;" "Media and the press" (chapter fourteen) and finally in chapter fifteen "Is disclosure on the horizon?"

Hopefully, the above outline will give you an overview of the range of topics covered in this new book.


Given my previous extensive reporting on the era of BAASS, which included a business relationship between BAASS and MUFON, I was particularly interested in what Lang had to say about those times. Between February 2009 and February 2010 Lang was tasked by MUFON, to mange a joint project. An agreement was reached between the two organizations to provide BAASS with access to, and information from, both MUFON investigations and the MUFON Case Management System (CMS) database.

At that time, Lang states that although he knew that the funding to run the project was coming from a U.S. government agency, he did not know which agency (ultimately he learned it was the Defense Intelligence Agency.) This funding allowed MUFON to establish a trained cohort of field investigators, who investigated specific cases being submitted to MUFON. Details of these cases were then passed on to BAASS. Shortly after the project started, BAASS also was granted direct access to case information on 95% of the cases on the MUFON CMS where witnesses had agreed to a third party clause. 

Lang provides inside details as to how this all worked; including some specific cases. Then Lang discusses what he calls "On the BAASS side of the mirror," recounting Bigelow's establishment of "50 top-notch scientists and experienced law enforcement investigators to do extensive lab analysis as well as to conduct field investigations."

Lang (page 57) reports that "The focus of the project was to obtain information and evidence about propulsion..." and cases of high interest to BAASS which included electronic malfunction events; vehicle magnetic signature alterations; human injuries; and photographs of objects showing halos of a specific color around a  UAP. Lang notes that BAASS conducted their own case investigations and re-investigations of cases submitted through MUFON.

Finally, Lang writes about why the BAASS/MUFON partnership ultimately failed and ceased to operate. Interestingly, he found by personal investigation, that there were also CMS issues with high-interest cases that were mysteriously disappearing overnight from the system. 

In summary

An excellent resource for anyone interested in conducting their own research into the topic of UAPs from an experienced investigator. 

The book is available through AMAZON as either a Kindle ebook or as a paperback.

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