Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Elizondo was laid off from TTSA

New SEC filing

There is a new filing by To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science with the U.S. Securities and Exchange commission, dated 30 April 2021. The filed form 1-K provides an annual report for the fiscal year ending 31 December 2020. Among the lengthy document, I found the following points of interest:

Personnel changes

"To keep in sync with our public benefit mission of informed entertainment media, we plan to keep our science advisory board whose connections will influence TTSA's stories for film, and to add a board member with expertise in the film industry.

As part of this pivot the following personnel changes took place:

In November 2020, Christopher Mellon resigned from the Company's advisory board.

In December 2020, Stephen Justice resigned as the Company's Chief Operations Officer.

In December 2020, Luis Elizondo, the Company's Director of Government programs & Services, was laid off with severance

In February 2021, Dr. Harold E. Puthoff resigned from the Company's Board of Directors and transitioned to the Company's science advisory board."

Entertainment Division

"In 2020

TTS has developed multiple pieces of original content across film, TV and animation that are in various stages of development, which includes packaging with high-caliber writers, producers, directors and production studios...

*'Untitled' UFO Mid-Century Feature. Based on a never-before-told story of an anomalous vehicle that crashes near a small town...

* 'Untitled' USG/UFO Feature. An epic centered around a common man that is a lonely witness to decades of US government in UFO research...

* 'Untitled' UFO German TV series. An elevated thriller based on the events surrounding German UFO research."

Advisory board

"The Company's Advisory Board consists of accomplished scientists, researchers, inventors, and former intelligence and government officials with a proven track record of success in their respective fields. The Advisory Board is composed of Dr. Adele Gilpin, Dr. Norman Kahn, Joe Schurman, Dr. Paul Rapp, Chris Herndon, and Dr. Harold E. Puthoff."


  1. So that makes Elizondo eligible for unemployment benefits, in addition to his severance.

  2. But what makes this so interesting? The semantics of laid off, terminated, quit or whatever are terms that make a difference in the employee and employer relationship. To me if I had read this, as a business person, I would say that people are leaving a sinking ship. Maybe they went to Lue and said they didn't have enough money to pay and they reduced the salary or any number of things could've happened. I'm not sure what this means for the overall UAP discussion. And if you're looking at this from a standpoint of one party being honest or maybe not saying that they were laid off but saying that they left the company, I mean is that really relevant at this point. I don't feel like going through every comment and every video that Lue has ever made, but I probably would find it more bizarre had he gone on CNN and said "yeah I was laid off"

  3. I dont know if the films suggested are actually original. The small town ufo landing has been done many times. I vividly remember the scene of the little boy looking out the window of a frame house in small town america and seeing the ufo crash beyond the hills. The other two proposed films seem likely to hook the fringe...the paranoids who think they alone have connected the dots and the nazi sympathizers who believe that their violence and presumed superiority actually can lead to superior technology. Are these films to educate and soften the populace to the coming revelations of ufo realness, or are they pandering to an audience of already true believers, and presenting fiction as fact?

  4. Why in the World isn't Chase Brandon involved in the "Entertainment" ?

    ( anyone remember him - ex CIA liaison for Entertainment Industry .... beheld the 'truth' of Roswell ....

    btw will this guy be required to testify for the 'gov report' coming up soon ?


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