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NIDS, Robert Bigelow and animal mutilations - 1996 to 2004


Jacques Vallee's 2018 book "Forbidden Science: Volume 4" has given us many insights into a variety of sub-topics concerning the UFO phenomenon and the paranormal. I have already published a number of posts on this blog, based on material gleaned from Vallee's book. In this post I'd like to explore another sub-topic; so called "animal mutilations." I haven't written about this topic on this blog before, as it was not an area which particularly attracted my interest.


However, recently, I have been spending some time looking at the available literature concerning Robert Bigelow's National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS - founded in October 1995.) One of the subject areas which NIDS investigated, was animal mutilations.  So, as a matter of public record, I have decided to document what I found in my literature search, for those blog readers who may have an interest in this area.

Vallee's book

Jacques Vallee was a member of the NIDS Science Advisory Board (SAB) from its inception, and documents a number of notes about NIDS and animal mutilations. I quote from his book:

Diary entry dated: 27 August 1995 (page 263)

"Bigelow...He's about to fly to Saskatchewan to investigate a case of multiple cattle mutilations."

1 October 1995 (p266)

"Bob has just come back from Saskatchewan where a man, his wife, and their three sons reported seeing a craft and short beings. It hovered for 20 minutes above the tree line.

"We took plant samples," he told me. "The grass had died. A cow's rectum and sex organs were removed; a one-foot diameter circle had been cut in the animal. The cut left a charred substance, almost no blood."

"What happened to the object? What did it look like?" I asked.

"It made a sound of an arc welder, 200 yards away, they said. They saw some silhouettes, small people; the witnesses called out. "Whatddya want?" The beings reacted with excitement, they scurried around, and the craft took off."

"The farmer had no insurance. The RCMP took pictures but they didn't bother to ask any questions."

31 March 1996 (p300)

"...Bigelow has an interest in Puerto Rico where he has sent a scout, Chad Deetken, researching crop circles and mutilations. He's also gotten veterinarians to report cases gathered by the American Association of Bovine Practitioners, who will poll their members. He has agreements with the US Department of Agriculture pathology lab and the College of Animal pathologists in Irvine."

4 August 1996 (p323)

Recent additions to NIDS staffing. "Finally, microbiologist and veterinarian George Onet, a PhD from Romania who has spent the last ten years in the U.S., brings field and laboratory experience."

"In addition to the permanent staff...a person in Canada studying cattle mutilations..."

15 August 1996 (pp326-7)

"...another, even more interesting situation had popped up...a ranch in Utah where cattle mutilations, strange lights and bizarre objects were being reported "almost daily"...They...have had three animals mutilated, one of which was seen fifteen minutes before...With us was Dr George Onet, the Romanian veterinarian recruited by NIDS to study mutilations...disappearance of eleven cows, three of which were later found mutilated, with holes punched into an eye and the rectum cleanly cored out. We walked over to one of the cows still lying among the bushes with no sign of putrefaction. The Shermans had noted a "dank, musky, medicinal smell" for two days after the event, and found a gelatinous substance on the side of the animal, none of which they preserved, however...As in other mutilation reports I have studied, predators stayed away, there were no agonal movements, and other cattle also avoided the carcass."

11 January 1997 (p349)

"George Onet reported back on his questionnaires to ranchers. Dozens came back with some mutilation incidents, but in no case had a veterinarian been called. George estimates about 2,000 cases are reported every year in the US, so he will try and involve bovine practitioners in his study.

9 February 1997 (p356)

"At NIDS Bigelow has hired Gabe Valdez, a retired New Mexico State Police Officer who has researched cattle mutilations for years."

9 March 1997 (p359)

"Through the Institute, Bob Bigelow is channeling money to...(7) the cattle mutilation survey conducted by George Onet…"

9 March 1997 (p360)

"Progress has been made in the mutilation study. George has followed up on a case reported by Gabe Valdez, a cow mutilated near Taos on February 22nd. He was on the scene three days later performing a necropsy and taking samples. For the first couple of days a strong smell of battery acid came from the carcass. An animal control officer at the scene suffered from coughing and loss of sensation in the lower jaw. This points to a terrestrial agent, not E.T."

13 April 1997 (p366)

"This evening Mr Bigelow called...We went on to talk about recent events at the Utah ranch. They began with the mutilation of a new born calf..."

My comment:

1. See NIDS website item 2 (below.)

2. In their 2005 book "Hunt for the Skinwalker" NIDS employee Colm Kelleher, and journalist George Knapp (Paraview, New York) provide much detail about Bigelow's Utah ranch and the various activities which were reported to have occurred there. These included reports of cattle mutilations. Pages 79-85 provide a first hand report by Kelleher of being called to the ranch on 10 March 1997.

"The combination of overwhelming force in ripping the calf apart and dainty precision in laying the body on the grass seemed all wrong. It disturbed me....It was if a great vacuum cleaner had gone through, in, and around the calf's carcass  and sucked up every drop of its blood...We videotaped the crime scene and scanned the animal and the surrounding ground for magnetic and electric traces, for radio/microwave residue, and for the hell of it, for nuclear radiation." (p.81)

"The ear was cut off with a knife or scalpel." (p.82.)

"...we returned to the science observation trailer, less than a hundred yards from where the animal had been torn apart..." (p.83.)

2 May 1977 (p367)

NIDS meeting. "The evening session was devoted to cattle mutilations. Bob had invited Lou Gerardo, Sheriff of Los Alamos county in New Mexico, who has studied cases since 1973 in Trinidad County, the largest county in Colorado; Edmund Gomez of the New Mexico Agricultural Department, who holds a degree in animal science, has suffered 23 cattle mutilations and lost one horse; Gabe Valdez is stationed in Dulce; and Henry Valdez, no relation to Gabe, serves as District Attorney for Rio Arroba County in Los Alamos.

Gabe was the most verbose of the group, discussing case after case of well documented mutilations. Lou Gerardo was the most impressive, concise and clear. Gabe Valdez appeared convinced that the objects responsible the incidents flew in and out of Dulce.

We heard clear statements of how predators of every conceivable species operate (mountain lions and bears grab at the neck, dogs go for the back legs) and the major characteristics of mutilations as opposed to death by illness and other natural causes. Another aspect of the phenomenon that has become clear is its human origin. Carcasses have suffered injuries and traction by clamps, or other devices. It is common for the animal to be dropped, sometimes from considerable height. Also common is the sighting of helicopters. I asked about the earliest cases they could recall: unanimously, they said it went back to the early 40's."

3 May 1997 (p368)

Utah ranch. "The sequence of recent events was as follows: the calf mutilation on 10 March at 10am...the calf incident isn't a classic mutilation. The bones show both teeth marks and two cutting instruments, according to the forensic pathologists who examined the remains. There was chewing on the hide, but the ribs were gone, the entrails were gone, all the blood was gone, the whole thing in 45 minutes..."

My comment: See NIDS website item 2 (below.)

19 July 1997 (p377)

"After sending out 1131 questionnaires George Onet had obtained 160 responses from Utah ranches, including sixteen mutilation reports, all bovine. Most occurred on ranches over 100 acres, with more than 20 animals. All the incidents took place in the warmer months."

10 January 1999 (p440)

NIDS meeting. "Much of the time yesterday was spent discussing cattle mutilations. There have been many incidents in the Uintah Basin over the years. They continue:16 carcasses have been found, all pointing north."

Re the Utah ranch. "The main incident is a mutilation involving a three year old Hereford that was alive on 15 October. It was dead the next day and the local vet did a necropsy on the 17th. The left eye was missing, the left ear cut. Again a blue gel substance was found smeared on the eye area and the anus...Peter Pickup and Terry Sherman were on site three hours later, after the call, approximately 15 hours after the death.

They found a standard 2mm hole in the brisket area over the sternum going only through the tissue, and internal hemorrhage at the neck.

Consulted by phone, Kit said some new embalming fluids or gels meet the description and he suggested element analysis, which was done. Tests revealed killing by potassium chloride. Dr Whinnery said it was standard procedure at his lab for putting pigs to death, an injection in the ear. Perhaps that was why the ear was removed?

"Potassium Chloride is used by Dr Kevorkian with his terminal patients," he said "It causes the heart to freeze; it stops muscles from performing. An animal dies in 5 to 8 seconds: a few heart beats, then nervous system collapse. In pigs the injection can be made easily through the plexus of the eye."

"And in bovines?" I asked.

"You'd probably use the jugular vein. In cows you can't use interocular injection."

Bob argued these were theatrics for our benefit."

My comment: See NIDS website item 3 (below.)

31 October 1999 (p475)

"There was another mutilation on the Utah ranch at the end of September. A calf that had disappeared was found again; its internal organs scattered around in an area that had been thoroughly inspected over the previous two days. The liver showed a marked absence of copper.

This is the sixth case that George Onet has documented in the area with hypocuprosis in animals that suffered neither from malfunction nor disease. The mystery keeps getting deeper."

The former NIDS website

Using the Way Back machine website, I located some relevant reports on the now defunct NIDS website. These were:

* 24 page report
* NIDS was allowed full access to Captain Wolverton's original papers and files from that era
* Investigations into 192 UFO/unknown helicopter sightings
* 67 reports of animal mutilations, most within 40 mile radius of Malmstrom Air Force Base
* MS Excel spreadsheet of data is provided.

* 16 page report
* Parts removed using techniques not conforming to "usual" mutilations

(1) 10 March 1997 - remote pasture in NE Utah
* 87lb calf tagged - ranchers then move 300 yards west to second calf to tag it
* Then they return to first calf and find it eviscerated in broad daylight, 100 yards from any cover
* Most of its body weight removed including entrails - no blood present on or near animal
* Two NIDS scientific investigators and vet on scene within five hours
* Sharp instrument had been used to remove ear
* Sharp instruments used on bone
* Experienced tracker checked area -no unusual tracks
* Bone had both teeth marks and metal cuts.

(2) Northern California 10 October 2001
* Black Angus calf
* Most of body weight gone, left eye cored
* Chest cut in oval pattern
* No blood or unusual tracks.

(3) Northern California 29 December 2001
* Seven month old premature Charolais calf
* Testicles cut off
* No blood
* Family woken up by sound of helicopter.

By Colm Kelleher, George Onet and Eric W Davis.
* Three year old registered Hereford cow
* Seen alive 15 October 1998
* Left eye, left ear removed
* Necropsy conducted
* No struggle, no unusual tracks found
* Blood had high levels potassium chloride
* Low level of copper in liver.

* 8 page report by George Onet
* Four dead calves - Milican valley, NW of Brothers, Oregon
* Next day, eight more dead calves found in same area
* Eight partially skinned and reproductive organs missing
* No vehicle tracks, footprints or blood found
* Case remains open.

* 48 page report dated January 2002
* Six year old red Angus cow found dead 27 June 2001
* Last seen alive two days before
* Left eye, left eyelid, parts of tongue, vagina, rectum missing
* No unusual tracks, markings or sign of a struggle
* NIDS arranged for inspection by forensic expert
* If mutilated, mutilation occurred after death
* Seems Oxindole was used to sedate animal.

* 20 page report
* Brain tissue analysed
* Oxindole found in mutilated animal but not in brain of a control animal.

* Found dead 30 October 2001
* Nine month old Red Angus crossbreed
* Cache County deputy sheriff investigated and provided report to NIDS
* Local veterinarian engaged to conduct necropsy
* Scrotum and penis cut off. No loss of blood
* No signs of struggle, not tire tracks and no footprints
* Samples shipped to Frontier Analysis and GCMS sub-contractor Richard L Wilson.

* 5 page report
* Two registered Simintal cows and bull calk last seen alive 13.5 hours previously - dead 5 April
* Vet conducted necropsy
* Abnormal rate of decomposition
* Sharp instrument used to remove parts of animals
* 7 April - cow found dead
* Vet conducted necropsy
* Knife marks found
* Fresh vehicle tracks and three sets of footprints found.

* 1 page report
* Near Wyoming/Idaho border
* Vagina, tats removed. Blood on neck around jugular
* Investigation - pending.

* 33 page report
* Dated July 2002
* In last six years multiple reports of unidentified aircraft and helicopter activity that appear to correlate with an animal mutilation
* Call about two sets of animal injuries Feb to Jul 2001
* Also historical events 1975-1976.

* 16 page report
* By George Onet and Colm Kelleher
* Reporting on experiments to simulate microwave radiation; high heat and cautery on cattle skin and tissue
* Documentation of these effects for comparison with "mutilated" samples.

* 15 page report
* By George E Onet and Colm Kelleher
* Photographic database of changes that accompany cattle hide.

* 10 page report by George Onet
* 20 May 2000 report - 18 miles north of Cuba, New Mexico
* Charolais cow - both ears missing, severe upper lip lacerations
* 22 May 2000 - Local vet and NIDS on scene
* Nothing unusual found at the site.

13. "General Guidelines and Check list for Scene Investigation in Animal Mutilation Cases"

* A two page checklist.

14. "Necropsy Protocol in Animal Mutilation Cases"

15. "Sample Collection Protocol for Unexplained Animal Deaths"

16. "Animal Mutilations What We Know"

* Report by George Onet

* Reported worldwide since early 1960's

* In USA found in most states

* Estimated US cases near 2000

* No person has ever been arrested in connection with a mutilated animal incident

* Sudden death of animal

* Missing body parts

* Many cases - tissues removed by surgical precision

* No relevant tracks found

* No signs of ante-mortem struggle

* Lack of blood in surrounding area.

17. "Animal Mutilations What We Don't Know"

* Report by George Onet

* What caused the deaths?

* Where did the missing body parts go?

* Was the blood removed by artificial means?

* What causes domestic and wild animals to avoid mutilated animals?

* What cases the disappearance of some animals?

18. "Results of a Survey Among Bovine Practitioners Concerning Animal Mutilations"

19. "Hazard Notfiication in Animal Mutilation Cases"

20. "Survey Results: Results of a Survey of Ranchers Concerning Unexplained Animal Deaths"

Frontier Analysis Limited

I then thought to check the available online copies of "Technical Service Responses" of  Frontier Analysis Limited to see if there were any ones which originated with a request from NIDS. I found three such requests, outlined below:

1. Technical Service Response No: UT016 referred to "Analysis of Samples from a Cow Mutilated June 27, 2001 (Conrad, Montana.)"

* Report dated 10 December 2001
* Requested by Colm Kelleher, NIDS
* This seems to refer to NIDS item 5 above
* One unusual compound found was Oxindole, a decomposition product if Tryptophan - a powerful sedative.

2. Technical Service Response No: UT023 referred to "Analysis of Samples from a Cow Mutilated in the fall of 2001."

* Report dated 13 May 2002
* Requested by Colm Kelleher, NIDS
* Comparison between control and mutilated - difference in phenolic type materials
* Trace amount of Oxindole in mutilated animal - by product of natural biological compounds.

* Report dated April 7, 2003
* Requested by Colm Kelleher, NIDS
* This report refers to the NIDS item 7 above
* Analytical results do not conform the presence of an unusual substance
* No Oxindole reported.

Overall comments

I have never really conducted an in-depth review of material relating to the topic of "animal mutilations." I have read such works as Linda Moulton Howe's 1989 work, "An Alien Harvest," and naturally, in the course of research into UAP, come across numerous references to the topic. So, it was very refreshing to be able to read comprehensive NIDS documentation on this subject. These items provide excellent, scientific research material.

Update 21 December 2019

A Canadian correspondent, has drawn my attention to another NIDS paper, titled "Unexplained Cattle Deaths and the Emergence of a Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy (TSE) Epidemic in North America." A PDF copy is to be found here. 

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  1. "Blood had high levels potassium chloride"
    This is a meaningless statement in a dead animal. Cells contain much higher potassium than blood or tissue fluid. Cells rupture upon death due to lack of blood flow, releasing all internal potassium into interstitial fluid and blood which raises concentrations to levels that could not be tolerated ante-mortem.


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