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NIDS investigated the reported shooting of a non-human entity - Fort Dix/McGuire AFB, 18 January 1978 - the NIDS investigation

The incident

A search for information about the alleged shooting of an "alien" on 18 January 1978, at the Fort Dix/McGuire Air Force Base in New Jersey, USA, ultimately leads back to Leonard Stringfield's 1985 work, "The Fatal Encounter at Ft. Dix - McGuire: A Case Study: Status Report IV."

On 23 September 1980, Stringfield received a letter from an individual whom he named "Sergeant Jeffrey Morse." Irregular correspondence was exchanged. On 27 September 1983, Morse advised "I have been warned, threatened, and I have been personally interrogated as recently as February 1983, in reference to the subject..."

On 6 December 1983, Stringfield spoke to Morse by phone. A further call supplied Stringfield with the names and ranks of the officers were were his interrogators at Wright Patterson. On 23 December 1983, Morse supplied a xeroxed copy of an Incident/Complaint Report form 1569. This gave the same story as Morse did, and also the names of those involved.

However, Stringfield later notes that: "Other than the Incident/Complaint Report which provided names, no other person has responded to Morse's request for back up testimony."

On 13 January 1985, Morse met UFO researcher Richard Hall. Hall concluded "I detected nothing in his manner, or story to cause skepticism."

Finally, in his report, Stringfield concluded " Morse never once stated to me that the entity he saw, despite its alien anatomy, was of extraterrestrial origin..."

Enter the National Institute for Discovery Science

A five page report by NIDS investigator Roger Pinson, on the former website of the now defunct NIDS, advises that NIDS employee Colm Kelleher met an individual named Jerry Rolwes; and that on 18 July 2000 Kelleher requested Pinson to conduct a review of the case brought up by Rolwes, namely the Fort Dix/McGuire AFB "shooting."

Amongst other things, Pinson's report notes that he:

1. Found that Stringfield had been advised on 1 January 1985, that all DD forms 1569 for the location and period involved, had been destroyed.

2. Located and interviewed "...the former commander of a McGuire AFB squadron." In fact he was the only squadron commander on the base. This individual had been at the base on 18 January 1978. He denied any knowledge of the incident.

3. Spoke to a "...former McGuire AFB, AFOSI Commander, at the base in the 1980/81 time frame. This person had never heard of the incident.

4. Located an interviewed another former McGuire AFB AFOSI commander. This man was at McGuire in 1978. He said "...he never heard of anything remotely resembling a UFO sighting or shooting incident involving an alien while he was at McGuire."

5. Heard from a Captain Denise Waggoner of the 108th Air National Guard, who advised that she had interviewed a Sergeant Morse of the 438th Security Forces, "...who told her that he remembered no such incident occurring in 1978."

6. Found that the name of the Fort Dix MP who allegedly shot the alien, was given as "John Samuels." Pinson located phone numbers for 67 John Samuels in the USA. He called all 67, contacted 42, but none were the individual sought.

7. Spoke to former Colonel Landon, former base commander of McGuire in 1978, whose name was mentioned on the DD1569. Landon stated that there was no such incident.

Pinson's report concluded:

"The four main people on the base in 1978 who should have known of a UFO sighting were interviewed. None of them claim to know anything about the alleged sighting or alien close encounter."

Further website details

The abstract about the incident on the NIDS website includes:

1. NIDS consulted a retired senior member of the 438th Security Police Squadron about the DD1569 form. "Seven separate discrepancies were found on the DD form1569 by the senior security police officer. These discrepancies led to his opinion that the DD form1569 in question did not describe a real incident and was probably a forgery."

2. Morse claimed that he was interrogated at Wright Patterson AFB by an individual.Morse gave his rank and name. NIDS located this man and interviewed him. This man advised he was associated with JAG at McGuire AFB at the time. "...but (a) he had never heard of the incident, (b) he had never been to WPAFB at any time in his life, and (c) he had no knowledge of any interrogation of Morse."

3. NIDS confirmed that a Jeffrey Norse had worked as an E4 at McGuire AFB, but were unsuccessful in locating him.

4. "NIDS working hypothesis...is that the 1978 McGuire AFB incident did not happen."

Read the investigation reports for yourself

On the NIDS website you can find:


1. The Fort Dix/McGuire AFB incident is recounted in the  2019 book by John L Guerra titled "Strange Craft: The True Story Of an Air Force Intelligence Officers's Life with UFOs." According to numerous internet sources dated September 2019, e.g. click here, retired Air Force Major George Filer III says, although he never saw the alien, he was on the base at the time and saw the emergency response as a result of the incident. Filer spoke to a Seargent who told him an alien had been shot and killed.

2. The NICAP website, click here for link, has a case report on the incident. 

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