Sunday, September 1, 2019

Identified? Another individual from the Green/Dolan interview - the "advisor"


Recently, I discovered the identity of the "mentor" figure mentioned in a July 2019 interview, between Christopher (Kit) Canfield Green, and US researcher Richard Dolan. In that same interview, Green also spoke about a number of items which had been mysterious delivered to his doorstep, including:

KG: "As far as the tissue was concerned, there was one instance that to this day I have not been able to rationalize or reconcile. One of the packages of material that I had delivered to my doorstep purported to be tissues from an autopsy of an alien at Area 51. It appeared to be [with] documents that were legitimate. But remember, they appeared on my doorstep in Detroit.

RD: "No provenance."

KG: "Some of the documents [pause] some of the documents actually appeared to be highly technical genetic analysis of neural tissue taken from one of the alleged aliens. And it was apparent that it was probably a biopsy or necropsy sample of tissue. It was apparent because it was in the format which laboratories liked that kind of material. And it was replete with descriptions of reverse transcriptase analyses purporting to show that the genetic fingerprints were alien. I took that material and presented it to a subgroup that I was chairing at the National Academy of Sciences.

"One of the people who was on my committee was the chairman of the Department of Genetics and the chairman of the Department of Molecular Biology at arguably one of the top five medical schools on the East Coast.

" I gave the material to that chairperson. The chairperson took four or five hours in such attention and analysis that the chairman left the room of my committee hearings and came back four hours later and said ' I regret to tell you what I think, Kit." And did. And said the following:

'This is a clever hoax.The person that wrote this did it with an intention to convince but [the] language sounds many times, interspersed in the sentences as if somebody with a Master's degree in genetics pretending to be a geneticist at a post-doctoral level and is supplementing the phrases from Google. It is absolutely a hoax, but it is an intentional hoax, in which this material has been transposed to fifteen pages, but I assure you it is garbage.'

"...this individual was a physician MD who was board certified in internal medicine, and had a subspeciality in medical genetics, and a PhD in Molecular Biology. And was the chairman of, at that time the largest genetics and molecular biology medical school department and arguably one of the top medical schools on Earth."

Who was this individual?

I wondered who this individual might be, who I named the "advisor"? Could their identify be deduced, as I had for Flickinger, based on the clues provided by Green?

I first went to Green's published curriculum vitae and there I found that listed one and only one subgroup of the National Academy of Sciences, which Green had chaired. This was the National Academy of Sciences' Committee on Military and Intelligence Methodology for Emergent Physiological and Cognitive/Neuroscience in the Next Two Decades. Its report was published in 2008.

This committee was an ad hoc committee of the standing committee for Technology Insight - Gauge, Evaluate and Review (TIGER.) TIGER was established in May 2005, based on a request from Defense Intelligence Agency's (DIA) Technology Warning Division's Defense Warning Office (DWO). Interestingly, the DWO was the area where the the 38 Defense Intelligence Reference Documents went to, that were prepared under the DIA's Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications Program, which spawned the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification program.

Besides Green there were fifteen other individuals on that committee, so I examined each individual's details to see if any of them matched Green's "advisor."


When Green spoke about his "mentor," he used the words "this man's" and "he," indicating the mentor was male. However, I noted that when he spoke of his "advisor" he used the terms "chairman" and "chairperson" but never "him" or "her." I suspected that this might be because his "advisor" was female.

Back to the fifteen individuals. There was only one, which matched almost all of Green's clues. This was  Professor Diane Edmund Griffin who was chair of the Department of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology, during the period 1994-2015, at the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.
Griffin received her MD and PhD in 1968 from Stanford University, where she completed her residency in internal medicine. her PhD was in microbiology. I could find no reference to a subspeciality in medical genetics.

However, in all other ways, Griffin fits the details which Green provides.

My comments

1. Material making incredible claims, eg tissue samples of aliens from Area 51, which lands up on your doorstep is never a good sign. As Dolan says, there is no provenance. Why not deliver it to Green at his CIA office (he left there in 1985 - but we don't have a date for this tissue sample delivery) - or at his medial center address (Green himself says he was getting autopsy related doorstep deliveries up to as recently as 2011)?

2. Fifteen pages of documents which were declared a hoax by the "advisor." Who was the hoaxer?

3. My identification of Professor Griffin as Green's "advisor" fairly fits the information Green provides, although I am not as certain of this identification, as I am of Flickinger as the "mentor."

4. It does show that Green was well connected and had a network of individuals which he could call upon for advice.

5. It is a pity that we are being spoon fed bits of historical information by Green. I'd like to see him write his biography. Now, that would be an interesting read. My own "dossier" on Green, extends to over 50 pages at the moment.

6. Are there any other individuals which are referenced, but not named, in Green's interview with Dolan?

In conclusion

I welcome hearing from blog readers if they have an alternate suggestion for the identity of Green's "advisor."


  1. Looks like you are on a roll here with the clues in the interview. Way to go.

    Keith, you wrote:
    6. Are there any other individuals which are referenced, but not named, in Green's interview with Dolan?

    Yes. After Flickinger there is another mystery person promising access to secret programs. This person is described in Dolan's notes under "The Carrot Dangles Again"

    Dolan writes:
    This new mentor was the chief scientist and senior medical officer of the “Futures” program, which was “an extremely high-level DOD committee” which in turn was tied to a major aerospace company.

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  3. Just speculating here, but if we hypothetically take Green's statements at face value, it seems pretty possible the 'mentor', perhaps Flickinger, and the hoaxer might be one and the same. At the least, it should not escape consideration, IMO, the original source of the info passed from the mentor, and the info relayed through the hoax, came from the same entity - and that's assuming Green is portraying an accurate accounting. Lots of things to be careful not to prematurely conclude in these kinds of sagas.

  4. While it's interesting that Keith may have identified two of Dr. Green's UFO "advisors" or "mentors" - Don Flickinger and Professor Diane Griffin - there does not seem to be any "paper trail" linking either to UFOlogy in any way. Whereas if we consider those with defense department jobs or contracts who we know were involved in UFO and paranormal stuff - John Alexander, Ron Pandolfi, Hal Puthoff, etc. - they leave behind bread crumb trails a mile wide. So either these two were a rare breed of Stealth UFOlogists, or else Keith is mistaken.

    1. Hi Robert; I am always ok with being mistaken. However,
      I understand that at least my suggestion re
      Flickinger is correct. Perhaps you might like to seek a comment from Kit Green?

    2. Keith, two days ago I sent email to Dr. Griffin, asking if she is acquainted with Dr. Green, and if she has investigated or researched the subject of UFOs. So far, no reply.

      Does Green reply to queries about this? If so, then your detective work to dig out these names was not necessary.

    3. Robert, why are you assuming (or suggesting) that Griffin would be any kind of 'ufologist' or ‘UFO advisor’?

      The context of Green's remarks on the 'chairperson' — possibly identified by Keith as Griffin — concerns a meeting of a collegial group to which Green allegedly presented the mysterious ‘package of ‘materials’ ('a subgroup that [Green] was chairing at the National Academy of Sciences’), with Griffin having a look and giving a presumably expert opinion in terms of the ‘state of the art’ of genetics/medicine.

      It makes sense that Keith didn’t bother to ask Green, since obviously Green didn’t name the ‘chairperson’ outright (and could be suspected of having used the gender-neutral term in order to be discreet).

  5. Tiny oddity to claim that Google was used to assist in "the Hoax" . It would appear her look into the matter with Green was late 90's . Google was just getting off the ground then and would have been a rare source (but possible). Perhaps Google is used here a simpler way to say "Internet Search".

  6. Keith - my two cents below. This may only be tangentially relevant to your article above but thought I would put it out there.

    Around 2006/2007, the Godlike Productions Forum had a long-running and highly controversial thread centering on a man called Dan Burisch who claimed to be a maverick genetic scientist working alongside an ET scientist at Groom Lake.

    Burish posted a document, which may have been the one you refer to above, which claimed to a study of ET genetic material. OK, interesting! Via my job role at the time, I was able to have the document reviewed by several UK Biology tutors who taught at GCE A-Level (the qualification required for UK university entry).

    Their opinion was that the document was simply an amalgam of scientific phrases, which would look impressive to a layman such as me but was absolutely meaningless junk to them.

    Your article makes me wonder: was this the same document Kit Green refers to? Was this the same hoaxer(s)? I have a vague recollection that Dr Green was hovering around the fringes of the Dan Burisch discussions at the time.

  7. Keith, the document in question that came from "Dr Dan Burisch"


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