Friday, May 10, 2019

The 2019 projects of to The Stars Academy of Arts & Science Inc.


The to The Stars Academy of Arts & Sciences Incorporated (TTSA) filed its latest report with the US Securities and Exchange Commission on 30 April 2019. These filings allow interested parties to take a look inside the company's activities; information about which, may not be available in other ways. The following, is a condensed version of part of the filing, of interest to me.

Entertainment division

The filing, provides details about the following products in 2019:

1. Doc-series on A &E's History Channel - a six part series titled "Unidentified." Scheduled to commence in May.

2."Sekret Machines." Non-fiction series, Book 2:Man.

3. "Strange Times." TV series. In development at TBS.

4. "Monsters of California." Feature film. In development with Cartel Entertainment.

5. "Sekret Machines." TV series. In development with Cartel Entertainment.

Aerospace Division

The company has completed the statement of work on the beamed energy propulsion launch system.

Steve Justice - Aerospace Division Director

Science Division

1. Continuing evaluation of quantum communication technology ( click here for more information on this project ) and possible exotic materials, the A.D.A.M. Research Project.

2. The TTSA's online community of interest is to be renamed THE VAULT. "We have created a requirement study document defining objectives for the full capability version of THE VAULT." The vision is for "an online collection, storage and analysis point for information regarding events, witness and data reporting associated with advanced technology and capabilities."

In 2019 there are plans to release a mobile app " that will enable data collection directly from the public at large."

3. Subcontracts: "In 2018, the company initiated research subcontracts in materials studies and beamed energy totaling $60,000. These contracts are to be completed in 2019. The company incurred $226,681 and $5,750 in third-party and internal costs towards R & D efforts in development of the company's projects during 2018 and 2017, respectively." For further information on these projects, click here and here. 


  1. While I have always been a bit wary of TTSA's intentions over time, their subcontracting of the poss exotic materials testing and any potential results I am immensely intrigued in. As for their overall intentions? Soft/Slow disclosure as per Dolan? This is purely an assumption on my part but I think maybe they've been given much more control over the public narrative than maybe most think. Just a thought :-)

  2. Nice !.
    If one looks in detail at the reports, it is obvious that this is a "family business", there is no problem because in the US it is the most normal and correct.
    The front of the image was undoubtedly made by Elizondo, perhaps because of his "figure" as an ex-employee, of a government that did not say anything until now.
    The announcements about exotic materials and another large amount of ads without sustenance, put in doubt in recent weeks the knowledge and intentions of the group regarding "the scientific", which until now was not possible to verify by third parties outside the firm.
    But if one thing we are sure is that the secrets in the US remain secret until the government itself makes them public, so with so much movement of assets, funds and accounting paperwork, we could rightly doubt that not everything that is said is so .
    So far with this signature have only been speeches and business, nothing new is known about UFOs, whatever they are, and all the theories about how they work and what they are built can be found in any science fiction book or in some 25 cents comic
    There is a difference between the products for the public's audio-visual fun, and the true investigation of UFOs; In this signature we find the first, but the second I doubt it.
    I wish it were not like that, but until now what I have seen have been only words and nothing else, words that curiously advertise activities that move small fortunes.
    This was true for months and months, the media is fascinated by this but in reality it seems to be just an empty bag, loaded by those who already found their gold vein within the "American dream".
    While this is happening some global non-governmental organizations, such as one in Argentina, invested hundreds of millions of dollars in developing UFO monitoring and tracking systems within the US, installing laboratories and equipping their representatives with the best technology.
    Some like me complain about this, but nothing happens, but it does not matter because here in America everyone has the right to follow their dream.
    And it is transparent that this will continue until the media and social networks appear a true alien announcing to the territoles that we are not alone in the universe.
    Brian Sanders


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