Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Copies of rare Australian UAP periodicals found

In a recent post I provided an MS Word table, showing details of all the known Australian UAP periodicals, and which issues I hold digital copies of.

While some of these periodicals are relatively well know, such as the Australian Flying Saucer Review and the TUFOIC Newsletter, there are a number of little known publications.

When US researcher and historian Barry Greenwood of Boston, went to the archives of the J Allen Hynek Centre for UFO Studies in Chicago recently, Barry kept an eye out for any of these rarer items. In all, he found one copy of the Central Coast UFO Research Bureau (CCURB) Newsletter; one copy of 'Light' magazine published by the Queensland Flying Saucer Research Bureau, and two issues of 'Disc' magazine published by the Student UFO Society of East Ryde, New South Wales.

I now possess digital copies of:

1. Newsletter Two dated March 1973 of CCURB.

2. Volume two number two of 'Light.'

3. 'Disc' number three (Jun 1972) and number four (1973.)

I have emailed a copy of item 1 to Harry Griesberg who was associated with CCURB before his days with ACOS and ACUFOS.

I have also emailed a copy of 'Light' to Sheryl Gottschall of UFO Research (Qld) [formerly Queensland Flying Saucer Research Bureau.

Has any blog reader current contact details for Mark Moravec who ran the Student UFO Society, as I wish to forward the two issues of 'Disc' to him?

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