Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Download digital copies of TUFOIC Newsletters


Last year, former UK researcher Isaac Koi, worked with US researcher/historian Barry Greenwood, and Sweden's Archives for the Unexplained (AFU) to locate individuals who could give permission for AFU to digitise and make available, older UAP periodicals. This relationship resulted in a multitude of series of periodicals being digitised and available for anyone to download.

I worked with Isaac, and together we compiled a listing of known Australian UFO periodicals. We then set out determining which individuals could provide AFU with consent to digitise their specific periodicals. Harry Griesberg of New South Wales, who was formerly of the Australian Centre for UFO Studies consented to the digitisation of several ACUFOS periodicals. I provided consent for several other periodicals, eg UFORAN, which I had been associated with over the years.

With Isaac's unfortunate withdrawal from UAP research, this project came to a halt. However, I have recently made time to work with Keith Roberts of the former TUFOIC, which has resulted in around 100 digital issues of the TUFOIC Newsletters becoming available. We are currently missing only issues 1-6, 8, 10-13, 15 and 17; i.e. only 13 out of 109. If any blog readers have a copy of any of these missing issues, I would appreciate a scanned copy being forwarded to keithbasterfield@yahoo.com.au

I have uploaded all the scanned copies of the TUFOIC Newsletter to a Drop Box account on the Internet. If you would like to download any of the issues, click on the link  (or paste the following into your web browser.)


Click on the link, choose an issue of the Newsletter. It will open up. Click on the ... symbol, download will appear, click on this and you can download the issue.

If you have any difficulty downloading the files, simply email me and I will send your requirements to you by the WeTransfer website.

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