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New book alert - "Walking Among Us" - David Jacobs

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"I understand that alien integration into human society sounds ridiculous. The idea that alien/human hybrids are living on Earth is inherently preposterous...But as an academic researcher, I must follow the evidence where it leads." (p.1.)

This quote comes from the opening page of "Walking Among Us: The Alien Plan to Control Humanity." 2015. By David M Jacobs. Published by Disinformation Books. San Francisco, CA. ISBN 978-1-938875-14-4.

The central theme of the book is that alien/human hybrids (hubrids) are living on earth, integrating into humanity.

"My research had uncovered a substantial presence of hybrids living on Earth. This book tells how I came to this seemingly ridiculous conclusion." (p.xiv.)

What research did Jacobs undertake?

"The narrative is based on interviews with fourteen abductees." (p.xiv.) Jacobs lists these individuals providing for each, a pseudonym, birth year, birthplace and vocation. Jacobs informs us that these fourteen are from "...1,150 abduction events I have investigated over the years." (p.xiv.)

Jacobs advises (p4.) that "The raw data of abduction research is human memory retrieved through hypnosis, often administered by amateurs."

He goes on to say that "...abduction researchers rarely understand how to elicit accurate descriptions...Becoming competent with abduction hypnosis requires a thorough knowledge of the abduction phenomenon and an awareness of the pitfalls of retrieval memory. There are precious few people who are able to do this..." (pp4-5.)

"When researchers retrieve abductees' memories competently, they can give us a realistic glimpse into the extraordinary world of alien abductions." (p.5.)

He advises that "...confabulation is common in the first few hypnosis sessions and declines in subsequent attempts." (p.5.) Then states that "...inexperienced or highly trusting abduction researchers cannot identify confabulation..." (p.5.)

However, Jacobs sees himself as capable of seeing through this, and it seems he feels that he, and he alone, can cut through the difficulties he outlines. "I ask logical and chronological questions that can hardly be considered leading or suggestive....I often leave my questions open-ended so my own opinions do not influence their answers." (pp6-7.)

"With competent investigation, abductees say what they know and not what they do not know." (p.8.)

One question I have is, do we have full, unedited transcripts of sessions with the fourteen individuals? The answer appears to be "No" as Jacobs writes "In this book, I use edited verbatim transcripts..." (p2.) The non availability of full, unedited transcripts, or full audio recordings of sessions, does not allow us to check Jacobs' methodology.

Jacobs argues that "One of the critical aspects of the abduction phenomenon is that abductees all say the same thing about what is happening to them, even though they do not share knowledge of each other's experiences." (p.11.)

 I have two comments here. Firstly, that if "abductees all say the same thing..." why does he summarise the views of only 14 abductees about this questioning of are hybrids walking among us? Surely his pool of people saying this to draw on, should be 1,150? Secondly, the Internet is full of abductees sharing their experiences in great detail, which  is publicly available. There are websites discussing the question of hybrids, and individuals saying they know of hybrids, or even that their children are hybrids.

The book documents Jacob's exploration of his central hypothesis, presenting case studies from his fourteen individuals, elaborating on his thesis.

Jacobs' assertions

Among Jacobs' assertions are:

1. "While onboard, aliens require abductees to teach young adult hubrids about integration." (p.73.)

2. "Socialization - the ability to mingle among humans undetected - is an extremely important goal of the aliens." (p.93.)

3. "When hubrids move into a house or apartment on Earth, abductees are responsible for continuing to teach them about living in human society." (p.125.)

4. "And, if I had discovered hubrids in my corner of eastern Pennsylvania and in a few other places, it means that it is happening everywhere." (p.235.)

5. "Most people are not aware of the abduction program. It is clandestine. Although there are many reasons for secrecy, the most irrefutable and basic one is that the aliens do not want humans to know what they are doing. If humans knew about the program,. they would try to stop it." (p.245.)

6. "Secrecy must also extend to what bystanders may see. Thus, the craft they came in and the abduction itself are made invisible to nonabductees. Perhaps more than 99 percent of abductions are not witnessed by bystanders, although they may take place in crowded city streets in daytime." (p.246.)

How come abductees can't remember what happened?

"...abductees are under total control by the aliens...This control lasts until they are returned to their normal environment, whereupon they immediately forget the experiences they just had." (p.36.)

"...few abductees consciously recall their abductions." (p.4.)

"Abduction accounts remembered without the benefit of competent hypnosis are most often untrustworthy." (p.5.)

In summary:

"My favourite interview question is no longer: Are aliens walking among us? They are here and I know how insane I sound when I answer that question. I know that hybrids are indeed walking and living among us and they are doing so in great numbers." (p.262.)

"I began my journey in the mid-1960's being thrilled that the UFO phenomenon might signal contact with another species, It did, but not in the way I imagined. The abduction evidence has forced me to evolve into a fearful investigator. I have uncovered the alien reality, as much as I dislike it." (p.269.)

More comments
The inability to access full unedited interview sessions, or full audio recordings; combined with Jacobs' assertion that he has been able to penetrate through all the inherent difficulties of alien controlled abductees, where others have not, does not sit easy with me. It is also concerning to me, that some of his information has been obtained during dozens of hypnotic sessions with an individual.
On the bigger picture, Jacobs offers no evidence that he has ever sought to meet and speak with one of these hybrids, who spend large amounts of time with abductees who live close enough to Jacobs to be able to attend sessions with him several times a week.
There is also no mention of Jacobs having a DNA analysis done on any of these hybrids which visit his abductees. All in all, we are simply left with patterns which Jacobs tells us he has found by hypnotically retrieving memories from a very small sample of individuals.

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