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Moe, Victoria - questions to Trevor Brew

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I recently published a four part post on the 15 March 1963, Willow Grove, near Moe, Victoria case.

VUFOA "cold case" review:

Ben Hurle and Andrew Arnold recently travelled to Willow Grove, Victoria to interview Trevor Brew, the son of Charles Brew. Trevor was present at the incident, and heard but did not see the UAP.

I took the opportunity to ask Ben and Andrew to pose a series of questions to Trevor, which he kindly answered. The following are those questions and responses, for readers' perusal.

1 How did the story get out into the newspapers so quickly?

A: His father called the papers straight after the incident .

2 Does he recall his father finding an unusual rock at the place where the object hovered?

A: Trevor did recall a "rock" being found - he said it was a meteorite and he thought it was not connected to the incident.
He couldn't recall who collected it , but does remember it being found and taken away.

3. After all this time what does he think the object was?

A:  Trevor is very puzzled by the object. He described the sound as "powerful" and "impressive". He heard the object "power down" when it arrived and "power up" when it took off.
It was a sound he had not heard before , or since and was clearly audible above the diesel engine in the dairy. He deeply regrets not going outside to see the object.

He has no natural explanation for what they saw - rejects the tornado theories outright - and believes that without any logical explanation - that the object was not from here ,or natural in explanation.

He revealed to me there was another local witness (independent ) on that day - he wouldn't reveal identity - but I'm working on him!

4. Did he or his father see anything else unusual after the 1963 event?

A: No further sightings by them - but is aware of other sightings in the district over the years.

5. Can he explain why the RAAF never had a completed Pro forma?

A: He was not able to recall too much from the investigations after it - too much time had passed - I've asked him to consider this question further and will talk to him again soon.

6. Can we ask him for his recollections of the weather on that day?

A: The overwhelming memory was steady rain - as it was on the shed roof and grey cloud. Mainly the sound of rain he recalls from the time of the incident.

The Victorian UFO Action group posted a video interview with Trevor at:


  1. Dr F.A. Berson said that he didn't take any rock samples at the time (nor, I guess, by extension did his companion Reg Clarke), but that he knew that somebody did. Perhaps he was referring to someone from the RAAF. That doesn't mean that he didn't receive the meteorite which was found some weeks later by Charles Brew, of course. One wonders if Berson left his contact details with Brew or not, for any later follow-up, or whether any follow-up actually went via the RAAF. The Brews were working the farm for somebody else, I believe, namely a local shire councillor called Robertson (off the top of my head), and so perhaps any surviving family members of the Robertsons might know more about the meteorite, and indeed more about the UFO incident. Perhaps Ben and Andrew can fill us in on who farms the land now, and what they know of the story? Regards, Shane.

  2. Hi Shane, there is still much to be learnt about this case. Ben tells me that VUFOA are preparing an episode of VUFOA TV on the case.

  3. Hi
    Conscious this isn't that good s fit with the descriptions given but the apparent recovery of a meteorite made me wonder about the noise described by the witnesses. Occasionally meteors can make noises that sound a bit like that.
    You can also get odd visual effects with the meteorite apparently coming at you and then appearing to veer away as the distance narrows and a slight difference from a head on approach becomes more noticeable.
    The report implies a climb back up into clouds whic is inconsistent with this idea. If the drawings are accurate then it is either a hoax or a spaceship but I wonder who drew them and if they were 'signed' off by the main witness?
    I just wonder about the weather report of 6/8ths cloud rather than complete cloud cover and how a bright bolide might appear and sound...
    Probably not all that convincing a suggestion...thought I'd mention it given the mention of the meteorite though.


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