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February 2015 - Australian monthly reports roundup

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Here is the fifth in a series of Australian national level sightings report listings, compiled by myself and Paul Dean, from contributions by Australian research groups, and other sources. We wish to again thank all who send in these reports, for us all to be aware of. The March listing will be posted on 4 April 2015. If you have any reports which you would like to see included, please forward them to by 3 April 2015. Thank you.


27 January 2015 Sunset Perth, Western Australia 30 minutes Identified?
A number of reports were made of a bright, white object which travelled from 60 degrees west in a south-south-westerly direction. One observer used a telescope to look at the object and reported seeing what looked like a high altitude balloon.

A Western Australian correspondent advises us that Geoffrey Thomas, Aviation Editor for The West Australian newspaper, on 2 February 2015, wrote a piece about this. A person wrote to him that "there is a helium balloon travelling slowly on the flight tracking website Flightradar. The balloon is east of Port Kennedy at 60,000 feet and moving south-east. It is registered to Google..."

Thomas advised that "The balloon is one of a number owned by Google as part of Project Loon, which is testing the viability of bringing internet access to remote communities."

While not clear if this refers to the 27 January object, it strongly suggests that the 27 January object was one of these balloons. We can look forward to further sightings of these particular balloons. For information on Project Loon click here.

9 January 2015 0230hrs Symmons Plains, Tasmania
A bright yellow light appears ahead of the witness' car. It moved across the sky behind their car as more lights formed around it. The lights then vanished but almost at once reappeared as a triangle of yellow lights. It moved quickly ahead and was lost from sight behind trees. Investigation has ascertained a Melbourne to Launceston freighter aircraft was turning over the area to land at Launceston airport at the time of the sighting.

3-4 January 2015
Jeff Fausch, from Adelaide, has again risen to the challenge for individuals/groups to take a look at any of the raw reports we present here. Jeff took a look at six such reports from our January listings:

1. 3 Jan Bateau Bay, NSW; 2. 3 Jan Burton, SA; 3. 3 Jan Bridport, Tas; 4. 3 Jan Walcha, NSW; 5. 3 Jan Yass, NSW; 6. 4 Jan Deniliquin, NSW.

Jeff proposes that these six reports "most probably  are from the Quandrantid meteor shower, which peaks on the 3rd and 4th January each year. This meteor shower is known to generate bright meteors called "fireballs."

For example, the report from Yass at 2324hrs on the 3 January spoke of a super bright light in the sky travelling from north-west to south-east, with a tail. The Burton report of 3 Jan also spoke of a bright light with a tail, seen at 10 degrees elevation in the north, travelling west to east.

Thank you to Jeff for his analysis of these six reports. A full copy of his analysis is available from Jeff at

February reports:

3 February 2015 0300hrs Hobart, Tasmania ?mins Raw
Sue Farquhar reported seeing "8 lights and probably more in the sky...and watched them move in their usual jerky 3am the brightest light moved in a straight line (from east to west) and then its lights grew bigger. The  object seemed to double in size and its lights flashed outward in every direction (white, blue, green orange..."
TUFOIC reports being unable to contact the witness.

5 February 2015  International Space Station Raw
"Just chilling and getting my live stream on from the ISS and noticed an oddity hanging out in space so I took a quick screen capture and saved it on my computer."
MUFON Case management system.

5 February 2015 2150hrs Macquarie Fields, Sydney, New South Wales ?mins Raw
Cheree reported seeing "what appeared to be a bright orange fireball object in the sky moving rapidly side to side, then quickly disappearing into the clouds."

5 February 2015 ?hrs Melbourne, Victoria?mins Raw
"This white disc was seen over Australia this week and a classic disk shape that attempts to mimic a cloud. At one point it looks like a triangle craft, but I didn't believe its changing shape. Rather its turning and showing us different angles of itself. The camera has trouble focussing on this...A great catch by Brad Morris of Youtube SCW." The 4 minute video shows a small, white dot in blue sky.

9 February 2015 0400hrs Kingsmeadow, Tasmania /mins Facebook
Witness notices a single red flashing light very high at 10,00 feet. The light is heading north. However, it stopped and made a "right angle turn" to the left heading west for about a minute. Again it changed direction, now heading east and disappearing into the distance. No sound was noticed. No follow up possible for full details.

11February 2015 0300hrs Newstead, Tasmania ?mins Facebook
Witness was up early morning and happened to notice something travelling slowly north over Launceston. It was estimated at the 300m elevation and moving at 40kph. There appeared to be four or five on the leading edge of something and a line of lights on the trailing edge.It looked to move to the left and right as it moved away with an unusual engine sound. Bo full upm possible for full details.

13 February 2015 2230hrs Melton Mowbray, Tasmania ?mins Telephone
Two witnesses were travelling on the Midland Highway near Melton Mowbray. They noticed a bright light approaching in the southern sky. The object passes overhead and looks like a triangle with lights at each apex. With a distance hum noise it disappears into the northern sky. Follow up establishes commercial aircraft over location at 2230.

16 February 2015 Ca 2115-2130hrs New South Wales Seconds Raw
(a) Caringbah South. 2130hrs 3secs
Bebi saw a large, bright, orange coloured, fireball.
(b) Grosevale. After 2100hrs
In the south-eastern sky saw a bright white light, which disintegrated into two pieces, blue colour.
(c) Liverpool. Ca.2100hrs 10 secs
"Like a shooting star on steroids."
(d) Carse Park 2115hrs 6-10 secs
Greeny/blue comet at 70-80 degrees in the south-eastern sky to 45 degrees south-east.
(e) Seven Hills 2115hrs
An orange ball of fire in the sky was seen in the south-east.
(f) Cooge. Just before 2130hrs Few secs
A "fireball" was seen in the sky.
(g) Davistown. Central Coast 1-2secs
Large orange ball of fire seen in the sky, at 30 degrees elevation.

16 February 2015 0330hrs Mandurah, Western Australia ?mins Personal observation
On the Facebook page, "UFO Informer Perth," Matthew Turner stated "caught some amazing footage over Mandurah Monday morning 3.30. Check my FB page. Mandurah mail came n got the footage and took my photo. It's in such hd on large screen you can see what it is but these this make morphed color n shape so fast I can't explain it but orbs or something." The video is available on Matthew Turner's FB page (access through his name on UFO Informer Perth FB page.)

21 February 2015 1150hrs West Hobart, Tasmania 2mins Telephone
Witness contacted the Centre within minutes of sighting a white light or spot against a blue sky to the south west over Mt Wellington foothills. The spot was joined by four others which seemed to circle around the first spot. After a couple of minutes they seemed to fade or go off into the distance. Area viewed by investigator but nothing visible to account for the report. However, many high flying seagulls pass over the area en-route to the Hobart tip. The Centre believes this is the probable explanation.

25 February 2015 PM Bruny Island, Tasmania? mins Facebook
Tourist taking photographs of the sun whilst on a visit to Bruny Island. On later inspection notices small greenish spot (light?) in lower right of each picture. No follow up possible as at 28th February although a lens reflection may account for the spot.

Older cases:

28 January 2015 0000hrs Wollongong, New South Wales ?mins Raw
(Reported 21 February 2015)
"Hi, I would like to be contacted so I can send a photo for you to investigate. Its a very clear photo of something I believe to be extra-terrestrial. As I was driving home I saw a hovering craft right above us." The attached picture is a daytime, startling clear photo with reference points. The object appears elliptical with a "dome" on the bottom.
MUFON Case management system.

January 2015 0400hrs Waikiki, Perth, Western Australia ?mins
Sharmain Hope, a Waikiki resident says "It was about 4am and I was waiting outside my house with my sister for her taxi...We saw these balls of light so I started filming, then we saw figures on the roof. We thought they were human initially but there was something eerie about them." Ms Hope called the Police thinking the figures on the roof were burglars. The website states: "Ms Hope did not want to publish the video but the Courier viewed it on Tuesday."

3 January 2015 0000hrs Rockhampton, Queensland ?mins Raw
"3 of them hovered near my home and I was attacked. Still same today and moving from here for good."
MUFON Case management system.

20 December 2014 2030hrs Mt Sampson,??  3mins Raw
Sharon Ann Rowland "captured an unidentified flying (flashing intermittently) interesting object in the night sky. Too close to be a satellite (and also thanks to satview not one of the recorded satellites at the time."

9 December 2014 ?hrs Melbourne, Victoria ?mins Raw
Cheryl "took a series of photos of the sunset from her Melbourne balcony on a mobile phone...she looked at them in February 2015 to discover there are strange objects in the photos." The photos are available at the source.

29 April 2014 1030hrs Between Oxenford Town and Mount Tamberine, Queensland ?mins Raw
"When driving from Oxenford Town to Mount Tamberine, Queensland, suddenly approximately at few metre of top of trees the brilliant and wovering object quite difficult to observe the strange right because the speed of tracking was approximately between 60 or 70kmts. Very slow, and suddenly we saw the object seems in fire, but it was extrane that with plenty of trees it was not news of bushfire aniwere. But we are three testimonies."  (Errors in text are there in the original.)
MUFON Case management system.

Groups contributing to this issue:

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