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North West Cape - follow-up questions

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Subsequent to my last post on the 25 October 1973, North West Cape incident (click here) I posed a number of questions to Bill Lynn (Jnr.) and Kate (daughter of Bill Lynn Snr.) They have both kindly responded to  these questions. I set out the questions, and their responses, below. Please bear in  in mind, that at the time of the incident, Bill (Jnr.) was just 5 years of age, and Kate was 14 1/2 years of age. For those readers new to this topic, you might care to click here and read about what was, in 1973, a US Navy base on Australian soil.

Q1. Did your dad ever mention who he reported his sighting to?

Bill. "My reasonably firm understanding was that because he worked for the US Navy, he had to complete the official report to his superiors within the US Navy. The US Navy base was separate to the town and very much run by the US. There was very much an air of confidentiality of everything the Americans were doing in Exmouth, and dad obviously worked for them. Even as his son, there were not many times I went onto the base (during my 15 or so years living there,) and even then had to have special permission to enter onto the base. Over the years there has been a lot of speculation about what the US were doing in Exmouth. There were places that even my dad was restricted to enter (even in his position.) That is certainly one reason I was surprised to hear my dad's report had made it into the open hands of Australians/civilians."

Kate. "Dad reported this to the Security Commander on the base."

Q2. Did he ever say whether or not he was interviewed by anyone about his sighting?

Bill. "I am not sure, but cannot recall dad mentioning any interviews. In terms of any material matter he dealt with (particularly in relation to security or any other major incident) he had to complete a formal report and submit it. The US had very strict protocols about these type of things."

Kate. "No, he didn't say he was interviewed as such, but he was asked to fill in an official report, after he reported it in writing (via letter.) From memory, I think he was discouraged to report it, but he insisted."

Q3. Do you know how he came to know about the other witness?

Bill. "I don't know. The other person was obviously very senior, and from the ranks within the US. From recollection I always seem to remember dad saying he was lucky to have someone else witness the event. He always said this provided a much greater level of credibility to his sighting.  I was always of the impression dad found out after the fact (of formally reporting the incident) - but stand to be corrected. I personally cannot remember the person or name Moyer."

Kate. "Not sure how he came to know about the other witness - but the news was all over town. Everyone was talking about the 2 sightings. It was general knowledge."

Q4. Did he mention whether or not he was asked/told to keep his sighting quiet?
Bill. "I don't know, but do not believe so. I was always of the impression that he was told it would be investigated but nothing more ever came of it."

Kate. "Not sure if he was asked to keep quiet, but he was definitely discouraged from reporting it. (As I said- this is my memory of it.)"

Q5. Did he make any statements about what he thought the object was?

Bill. "To me he always stated it was a UFO (of some sort,) and certainly believed in UFOs. However, I wouldn't be surprised if he thought it may have been something the Americans were up to, based on some of the facts under point (1)."

Kate. "Not really, but he was convinced that it was a genuine UFO. Not sure if he thought it was some kind of spy craft, or an extra-terrestrial."

Q6. Did he ever see anything else unusual during the rest of his time at the base?

Bill. "I don't believe so, and certainly nothing else material was mentioned to me."

Kate. He never saw any other UFOs or similar during the time he lived at Exmouth, North West Cape, or on the base, to my knowledge."


I would like to thank both Kate and Bill for taking the time to respond to my questions.

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