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New book alert - Timothy Good

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Timothy Good's latest book is titled "Earth An Alien Enterprise:The Shocking Truth behind the Greatest cover-up in Human History" published by Pegasus Books, New York. 2013. ISBN 978-1-60598-486-5.

From the introduction:

"This book examines in-depth claims that the United States in particular, and some other countries, including the U.K., have developed advanced spacecraft, thanks partly to the recovery of a number of crashed alien vehicles and, more comprehensively, an alien liaison program." (p.xxv.)

Opening chapters:

The first ten chapters of the book are dedicated to the in-depth exploration of encounters, dated from the 1930's to the 1960's. They include the story of Leo Dworshak from the USA; French man Pierre Monnet; Italian professor Johannis; US President Eisenhower; Margaret Fry from the UK; the 1966 Australian event at Westall; and the story of Philip Corso. Collectively, they demonstrate, in Good's opinion, the breadth of actual alien encounters.

Good's own alien encounters:

"...I should mention here my two encounters with presumed aliens in the United States. The first occurred on November 13 1963, while touring...we stopped at a restaurant near the Arizona/California border...My attention was drawn to an extraordinarily graceful, petite girl with blond bobbed hair and delicate pale features. The thought struck me that she might be one of those aliens living among us..." (pp102-103.)

In February 1967 while in New York, Good "...transmitted a telepathic request: If any of you people from elsewhere are in the New York vicinity, please come and sit right down next to me and prove it..." (p.103.) Half an hour later a man did arrive and sit right next to Good. Good asked him telepathically to carry out a certain gesture, which the man promptly did. The man then walked off never to be seen by Good again.

In 2006, while in Poland, Good noted an unusual man in the audience of a talk he was giving. " seems likely to me that he was one of a number of aliens who live and work among us." (p.106.)

Part one conclusion:

Part one of the book concludes with a detailed account from an informant, Good names as "Thomas."
Thomas relates an extraordinary account of his RAAF career between 1955 and 1957, and "Project Orange" in the UK. "Project Orange" turned out to have Thomas, and others, baby sitting two live aliens. After a period of time, the two aliens, simply vanished.

What does Good think of this incredible story, "Naturally, the questions arise: How much of the story is true?" (p.161.)

Part two:

In this part of the book, Good presents further detailed examples of apparent contact. There is the case of Swede Richard Hoglund, asked by aliens to go to the Bahamas to "...act as their contact man." (p.168.) Good writes "There is the possibility of course, that Richard Hoglund might simply have been insane, or been suffering from delusions engendered perhaps by the tumour..." (p.175.)

Then there is the curious incident which happened to Leonard Mantle of the UK. Mantle met an individual who called himself Iso Khan. Khan implied that he came from another world." (p.182.)

Chapter 13 describes a story "Spanning at least forty years, this is a saga comprising a large group of people...who were involved in an extensive alien liaison program..." (p.193.) Between 1956 and 1997, the group had face to face meetings with extraterrestrials. What does Good think of the story? " is at times outrageous, farcical and ludicrous..." (p.193.) Why then does Good include it in the book? "I would not be including it here were I not convinced of its relevance to our assessment of aliens and their motives regarding Earth." (p.193.)

Further chapters detail the accounts of Americans William Raulerson and Tommy Brown; Brad Sorensen and his 1988 account of three saucers held at Norton Air Force Base; Teresa Biagion Tresca's 1988 Vandenberg Air Force Base sighting of a "flying saucer," and others.

Australian connection:

Chapter seventeen describes the experience of one Marius Boirayon, a former Royal Australian Air Force engineer in the Solomon Islands; and multiple events from Puerto Rico. There is also a three page write up of the Peter Khoury "Alien hair" case.

Moving on:

The book progresses with a story from a Mrs Lucille Andrew of the USA who wrote to the Center for UFO Studies to tell them of an occasion where Cordell Hull, Secretary of State, showed her father "(1) Four large glass jars holding four creatures unknown to my father or Cordell, [and] (2) A wrecked round craft of some kind nearby." (p.348.) The incident probably occurred in 1939.

The rest of chapter 18 includes Soviet Marina Popovich's statement "...that the Soviet Air Force and KGB have fragments of five crashed UFOs..." (p.350.) Dr Eric Henry Wang "...who seems to have been a crucial link in the study of crashed alien vehicles..." (p.351;) ex British Army Harold Varnam who states he saw a film taken at the time of the Roswell crash." (p.354); and more on alien bases. "In 2011, a fellow researcher revealed to me that, according to an apparently reliable source, there is "a large area somewhere in Mexico, quarantined by the American military, where three hundred thousand aliens reside." (p.373.)

What does Good think?

What do all these stories add up to, in Good's opinion?

"It seems to me that at least some groups of aliens have always been here..." (p.401.)

"I have endeavoured in this book to stress the wide diversity of alien beings populating the cosmos, and the diversity of their motives regarding the planet we inhabit." (p.406.)

"As to what the future will bring, I do not pretend to know. But I have been assured by those who do know - that the alien situation presents the most profound dilemma facing humankind on Earth..." (p.407.)

My comments:

There are many stories in this book, which border on the unbelievable. Even Good himself cautions readers several times, about the believability of some of the accounts, but then spends pages telling us about them anyway, as they add to his hypothesis that multiple alien species are interacting with us, here on Earth.

Readers will have to decide for themselves, based on the evidence which Good provides, which of the accounts they accept.

Personally, I found many of the stories, especially of the "contactee" era, hard to accept. I was very uncomfortable reading of Good's own "alien" encounters, which I felt stretched what happened, to infer an alien presence.

All in all, for me, this book was the least enjoyable, of the series of books which Good has written over the years.


  1. Hi Keith, thanks for the overview. I think it sounds fascinating. I will have to buy this book. I have several of Good's previous books, and found them all to be a great read. Your final comment is interesting, I wonder why you found it a less enjoyable book than his previous ones? Maybe this one was more confronting?
    cheers...George Simpson. AUFORN Vic.

  2. Hello Keith, you said:

    ......All in all, for me, this book was the least enjoyable,......

    but your review of it was enjoyable to this reader of yours. :)

    1. Hi Levantine

      Glad you enjoyed my post about the book.

  3. > Maybe this one was more confronting?

    Or just insane?

  4. I read this book and find so unbelievable that I realize it has to be the truth. What an eye opener this is. I had a woman grab me an item off the shelf and hand it to me with a smile. I wasnt even on the same side of the grocery isle. I said to her omg you must have read my mind... she never said a word. She handed me the excact item and brand I wanted and just turned and walked away..... yes... I do believe Aliens do live amoung us this woman gave me no indication she wasnt human other than knowing what I wanted by reading my mind. Yeah this is a great book. Even the the Aliens say Jesus was real. God is a creator, and he created many nations elsewhere besides just earth. But that is all these People are from other Planets.... just other NATIONS.... not demons, and certainly THEY did not create us. But, the ones who want to take us over will tell us they did create us ... THEY ARE THE BEAST in revelations.... So in In the bible where god says in the end days he will bring a nation against us whose language we will not understand, he is not talking about RUSSIA. Because someone on this earth understand the Russian Language. He says not since the days of Noah has mankind seen the likes of these. Well what happened in the DAYS OF NOAH.... these Aliens had to get their people off this earth or else they were going to die. So the Ships CAME TO GET THEM and save them from the flood. So my thought is... this will be the same case senario during the end times. If you see signs and wonders in the sky look up for your redemption draws nye.....


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