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Previously unknown Department of Aviation UAP file now available

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The Disclosure Australia Project (2003-2008) located a number of UAP files originating with the Australian government Department of Civil Aviation (DCA). These were:

1. File series B595 control symbol 21/1/387 Part 2. Date range 1962-1965. Held in Canberra NAA office. Barcode 9044809.

2. File series C273/227 control symbol 1957/619. Date range 1954-1960. Held in the Sydney NAA office. Barcode 3348107.

3. File series J23/35 control symbol 1970/3877 Part 1. date range 1967-1967. Held in the Brisbane NAA office. Bar code 170641.

Melbourne researcher Paul Dean has recently located another file, this time belonging to the Department of Aviation, namely file series K95 control symbol 1986/871. Date range 1982-1986. Held in the Perth NAA office. Barcode 1886625.


This latest, never before seen file, it titled by the NAA as "Aerial Phenomenon - UFO sightings [Department of Civil Aviation - Transport.] Paul Dean paid for it to be digitised and thus available to us all to read.

The file cover says it is a Department of Aviation file with an actually cover title of "Aerial Phenomenon: General." The cover says the file was created on 17 Jul 1982.

The digitised copy on the NAA website has 18 pages. Pages 1 and 2 are images of the file cover. Pages 3 to 5 are an NAA "Statement of reasons under section 40(5) of the Archives Act" telling us why we can't have access to all the folios on the file.

Five folios have been kept from public access. Two of these are not within the open access date range and three apparently provide details of "personal affairs of a named person." Thus we are not allowed access to these pages.

Page 6 is an acid free mask which the NAA use to hide papers we can't see. It indicates that inside are two folios with a date range of 1986-1986, outside of the 30 year access time frame.

Page 7 is an undated newspaper clipping with a headline of "RAAF gives up chase for UFOs." The text is about a 1984 decision by the RAAF to only follow up UAP cases which had a national security angle.

Page 8 is a letter from DCA to an undisclosed person living in Watheroo, Western Australia, dated 18 Mar 1983 informing that person that that person's UAP report of 25 Feb 1983 has been sent to Pearce RAAF base for action.

Page 9 is a DCA memo dated 18 Mar 1983 referring the above report to RAAF Pearce.

Page 10 is a Department of Aviation, Western Australian Region handwritten note dated 15 Mar 1983 addressed to "OPSC" which states an attached report should be sent to RAAF Pearce. It cites the reporter's name as a Mr Burnett.

Interesting report:

Pages 11 and 12 refer to a UAP report which occurred on 25 Feb 1983. A cover letter to a sketch is from "Crop Protection Consultants" of Watheroo, WA, and says in part:

"This is confirmation of my phoned report to the Flight Services Officer at Perth briefing at 2030 on 25th February.

The attached sketch contains most of the details as I recall them.

The initial sighting was made by my passenger Mr (deleted) a Senior Technical Officer with (deleted) Ltd. Simultaneous to his exclamation to look I picked up a fast moving set of 3 intense silver gold lights about 20-30 degrees above the horizon at what I felt was about 2 miles distance.These traversed an arc about 60 degrees at an estimated speed of in excess of 350 knot, with a 10-20 degree downward trajectory, moving from north to south. It disappeared whilst still above the horizon (a ridge) but the impression was one of turn and/or acceleration at this point.

We both felt or heard absolutely nothing. We both made notes of location of Sun, wires, houses, other cars etc but could see no possibility of reflections from the Sun - which had set behind us. We could find no windscreen flaws.

Other points of note are on my sketch.

The phenomena did not appear to be a fast moving military jet (no noise, no after burner, no smoke.) Neither Mr (deleted) nor my self could identify any source of light or reflected light which was evidently causing this effect.

I might add that we were both of sound and sober mind and that both of us would  be highly embaressed should there be any release of this report.

I have been a CPL for 18 years and 3500 hours experience in Australia and New Guinea. My eyesight is still 20/20, so you can be assurred that I really did see the effect as described (attached.)"

Page 12 is a sketch and shows three, ovoid shaped objects in formation. The two witnesses were in a motor vehicle travelling at a speed of 90-100 kph at the time, travelling in an easterly direction. They were 0.75km from an Esso fuel depot on the Mogumber to Bindoon Road. The objects were in the eastern sky travelling north to south. The time is given as 1100hrsz.

Page 13 is another blue acid free mask stating that there are three folios dated 1983 which are withehld from access.

1982 report:

Page 14 is a letter dated 30 Jul 1982 to a Mr D Ferguson of Australind, WA from the Department of Aviation. It states in part "The only civil radar for ATC purposes is located at Kalamunda and has a  range of 160 nautical miles." "As to the matter you referred to on the 11.3.82 our initial understanding  was advice given by the Observatory that the light was caused by Jupiter rising."

Pages 15 and 16 are a letter dated 17 Jul 1982 from Mr Ferguson to the Department asking a number of questions and advising of a UAP report. This report happened on 11 Mar 1982 at Wagin, WA. The event involved a nocturnal light which seemed to interfer with the radio of a car, and "...apparently nearly ran the car off the road at about 0400hours local. The witness contacted a police officer who also sighted the object. He contacted you."

Pages 17 and 18 are merely images of the back cover of the file.


One wonders how many other DCA files there are in the NAA of which we know nothing at present?

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  1. This is a mere local sighting report. IMAGINE the detailed reports of inital encounters with a downed UFO and its occupants... I believe they exist.. How about you?


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