Thursday, March 21, 2013

"Are we being watched?"

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For those who know me personally, you will be aware that I like to read widely. I find this helps place my studies of UAP within a wider context.

A new 2013 book by astronomer Paul Murdin, ( click here) is my latest read. It is titled "Are We Being Watched: The Search for Life in the Cosmos." The book is published by Thomas and Hudson of London. Its ISBN is 978-0-500-51671-3.


The book takes a look at astrobiolgy; the search for extraterrestrial intelligence; and explores the possibility of life elsewhere than on Earth. Naturally, I checked the index for reference to UAP but found nothing listed. However, I did find one piece of interest.

Flying saucer:

On page 209 Murdin writes about the fact that astrophysicist Nikolai Kardashev (click here) proposed three levels of civilizations, and Murdin says "It seems that some of the advanced extraterrestrial aliens would have developed interstellar transportation methods and ought to be with us here on Earth now. They are not. (2)"

Footnote (2)

Footnote 2 on page 235 says:

"Here I am setting aside the unverified testimony of individuals who claim to have seen strange craft in the sky, to have participated in autopsies of small humanoids from crashed spacecraft, or to have been subjected to internal medical examinations on board a flying saucer. I will believe such stories when they have been backed up by important and credible scientific evidence for public verification."

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