Wednesday, June 6, 2012

"The Giant Book of Useless Information" and Westall

Dear readers,

Details of the 1966 Westall event (click here) , turn up in some unlikely places. I was browsing the shelves of my local library, when my attention was drawn to a book titled "The Giant Book of Useless Information," authored by Steve Sutton, and published in 2010 by Magpie Books, London. ISBN 978-1-84901-897-5. I picked the book up off the shelf and at random, turned to a page, page eleven as it happens. What did I see?

"The Clayton Incident. On 6th June 1966, hundreds of people in Westall, Clayton, South Victoria, Australia spotted an alleged UFO in the sky. Students and teachers at two schools in Victoria fled their classrooms and reported seeing the object in the sky for up to twenty minutes, before it descended into a nearby field. Soon afterwards the object climbed rapidly upwards and flew away towards the northwest.

Some observers later suggested that the departing object was pursued by five mysterious aircraft. Local police attended the scene, and later in the week uniformed men visited the site. These were probably representatives of the Australian Army and air force. After samples had been taken, the vegetation in the field was burnt, either to destroy evidence or cleanse the area. People who witnessed "The Clayton Incident" still gather for regular reunions."

No sources of information are cited for the above text, in the book.


  1. keith have you ever investigated a UFO report, or event, and concluded publicly that the event WAS unexplained, or a genuine 'visitor'?

  2. Hi haperofthesouth,

    Yes. As far back as my 1996 book I wrote: "..I look back at the events described in this book and in the catalogue section, I see some good evidence of an extraordinary phenomenon. Radar/visual events such as the 1954 O'Farell observation, coupled with the 1966 Euramo and 1980 Rosdale physical trace episodes, speak powerfully for a physical component to the UFO phenomenon"

    In a post on this blog dated 13 Sep 2011 I wrote that the Zanthus case was an unexplained UFO event.

    I regard the following early Australian cases as examples of the "core" UFO (i.e. unexplained) phenomenon:
    23 Aug 1953 Drury Film
    31 Aug 1954 Goulburn aircraft event
    26 Jun 1959 Boianai Rev Gill
    4 Oct 1960 Cressy Tas
    15 Feb 1963 Moe Vic
    24 May 1965 Eton Ridge
    19 Jan 1966 Euramo
    22 Aug 1968 Zanthus

    I hope this demonstrates that I have publicly concluded that some events are unexplained.

    The cold case investigations I have been posting about on this blog have been selected at random. On closer investigation many of them appear not to be in the unexplained category, in my opinion.

    I feel that the "core" UFO phenomenon is much rarer, than many of my UFO research colleagues, believe, and that is why so many of the cold case analyses seem, to me, to point to mundane explanations.


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