Saturday, June 16, 2012

An early Australian event - 1911

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I have recently published a catalogue of pre-1947 Australian observations of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (click here.) After doing so, I came across another early case from 1911, right here in South Australia. Details appeared in volume 3 number 5, Jul-Aug 1964, of UFOPIA's "Panorama" magazine, page 18. The text reads:

"An early saucer sighting 1911.

The following incident was related to one of UFOPIA's investigators who is well acquainted with the man and vouches for his integrity. The man is keenly interested in electronics, saucers and the bible.

His story is that as a young lad in 1911, he was working on his father's farm at Gumeracha, a few miles from Adelaide and had been milking cows and then took up two buckets of milk to place them on a stand.

It was whilst he was carrying them he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his head and placing the buckets down, put his hand to his head where the pain was. It was then that he observed in front of him some distance away, a disc shaped object. It was about  10 feet across and was silvery and glowing like the Moon. He watched it for some 15 seconds and then it rose into the air and disappeared at a very fast rate into the horizon.

He had no knowledge of what it could have been at the time and felt that to relate it might cause him embarrassment.

It was only after these many years when in the company of the investigator that he felt urged to tell the story for what it was worth."

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