Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Alice Springs - 1954 encounter

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In a recent post (click here) I discussed the January 1954 Mount Gillen, Northern Territory, photographic case. I have since located another report from the same era and area, just two months later. I vaguely recall hearing of it before, but for example I have no details in my national level UFO catalogue I recently completed. So, I will document it here.

Centralian Advocate article:

It was reported in an article in the "Centralian Advocate" newspaper, published in Alice Springs, dated Friday 2 April 1954, page 1. The headline was "Claims Natives terrified by Flying Saucer 50 miles from Alice." The article, in part, reads:

"A terrified aborigine has told a story of being nearly knocked from his horse when riding over a ridge, by a strange thing which flew close to him."

"The native, Sonny, told Mr Pope that as he rode up over a ridge a ball shaped thing with a tail coming from the opposite direction flew straight towards him, but suddenly veered away and lifted sharply."

"Sonny claims that he could feel a heavy wind when the thing went up."

"Mr Pope was informed that others saw the object. Descriptions are consistent. They claim it had a glassy appearance, was travelling very fast and four trails of smoke came from each side. A report was heard when the machine lifted into the sky from its low altitude. When this occurred, according to the stories, a large cloud of smoke was seen to appear "like a large thunder cloud.""

To read the entire article (click here.)

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