Monday, April 11, 2011

Andrija Puharich and "space kids"

During my research into the 1970's contactee, Valerie Ransone (see my earlier post here) I came across a reference to her being one of Dr Andrija Puharich's "space kids" in the mid 1970's. I decided to take a look for further material on these "space kids."

Literature searches:

Firstly, I took a look at the book "My Story" authored by Uri Geller, published by Corgi Books in 1977. ISBN 0552 10391 8. It is Geller's own story. Although it provides an interesting account of Geller's involvement with Puharich, it only covers Puharich's life between 1971 and 1973. There are no mentions of "space kids."

Next, came a look at Jacques Vallee's book "Forbidden Science-Volume 2." Despite the fact that it covers the years 1970-1979, and has several mentions of Puharich, it too offers no information on "space kids."

I then tracked down a copy of a book titled "Briefing for the Landing on Planet Earth" authored by Stuart Holroyd, and published in 1979 by Corgi. ISBN 0 552 10997 5. The work is about another chapter in Puharich's life between 1974 to 1977 but again, no mention of "space kids."

Finally, I did find a reference in H G M Hermans' book "Memories of A Maverick." Hermans was a former wife of Puharich. "A series of events that had taken place in May 1975 made him decide to start a program with children. While in England he'd met several children ...who could bend spoons, blades, or pocketknives and keys...he took the kids to Glastonbury Tor...this experience with the kids was the first time that Andrija thought about a program for children. The second time occurred two weeks later in Mexico." (pp130-131.) He went to Mexico at the request of a Mexican TV station and as a result of his visit, "...three boys, Jaime, Jonathan and Octavio were so impressive that he decided to invite them to Ossining for a summer program." (p.131.)

In July 1975 Puhrich wrote to Hermans that "I am now turning my attention to healing work, and work with children. I started an experimental school. The 9 "space kids" are all here." (p.132.) Hermans' 14 year old son Andy was at Ossining at that time. "All the kids lived by themselves at the "Turkey Farm" a house on the estate and maintained a strict daily routine of meditation, dream telling sessions, hobby time workouts and swimming. They took turns cleaning the house and do the cooking. Either Andrija or somebody else would give talks on the hazards of drugs or smoking..." (p.132.) Speaking of her son Andy, Hermans said "...Andy never told me what it meant to be a 'space kid' until recently. If he had told me then that each kid was hypnotized in order to go back to his 'parent civilisation' I would probably have flipped and kept him home." (p.132.)

"According to Andy, most of the kids present came from another planet. They had voluntarily returned to planet Earth to help in the raising of human consciousness." (pp132-133.) "That's why daddy set up the program," Andy told me "to remind these kids of their mission in life..." (p.133.) "The program with the kids lasted until the end of August, but all through 1975 and 1976, young people from all over the world kept coming to Ossining." (p.133.)

My comments:

This is the clearest understanding I found of what Puharich meant by a "space kid" i.e. someone who he said came from another planet. There are no references to Valerie Ransone in any of the four books I read about Puharich. In addition, at age 28 in 1978, she was not in the age range that Hermans ascribes to "space kids." Has any reader come across additional original source material on Puharich's "space kids?"


  1. There's a mention in The Unicorn's Secret - Steven Levy's book on Ira Einhorn. In my copy its at the end of chapter 7, pages 191-3. I'd recommend this book for a mainstream insight into the very strange goings on in the paranormal underground circa the Seventies...


  3. From the final page of Colin Wilson's Alien Dawn:

    Not long before Andrija Puarich's death , I was asked to write an article about him, and rang him at his home in America. When I asked him what he was working on, he told me he was studying supernormal children. 'You wouldn't believe how many of those kids there are out there. They seem to be on the genius level. I know dozens and there are probably thousands'

    Wilson might be a good person to talk to.


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