Sunday, September 19, 2010

"Unconventional flying objects" Part 2


from a wonderful spring day in Adelaide. 17 degrees C, partly cloudy but with a hint of sunshine.

Continuing my look at Paul R Hill's book.

Hill then took a look at the question of the "performance" of UFOs. In each section of his work Hill would link his theoretical comments to a representative group of UFO accounts which related to the area under discussion.

In "performance' he provides details of his own, personal UFO sighting on 16 July 1952, when he was employed at the Langley research Center.

At about 8pm, two amber coloured lights approached from the south of his position. The lights passed overhead and headed west. They then started revolving around each other. later, two more amber spheres joined the formation (pp44-45.) Hill later found that other observations had been made of these anomalous lights by other people in the area.


"There is really no secret as to what this illumination and illuminated sheath of atmosphere around the UFO is. It is a sheath of ionized and excited air molecules often called a plasma." (p53.)

Noting an observation in which UFOs move from a stationary position, and brighten, the author relates this to "The brightness changes together with the UFO power change clearly shows that the UFO radiation causing the brightness is an integral part of the power system." (p65.)

Section 4 of the book takes a look at UFO radiation, and after examining a few reported cases concludes "...that UFOs radiate between 25 electron volts...and 3 million electron volts, which is the lower end of the gamma ray spectrum. This radiation readily accounts for the radiation sickness reported in various cases." (p81.)

Section 5 is where hill poses the question "Are UFOs propelled by the ejection of any of the elementary particles of matter?" After examining the evidence, he concludes "We have effectively eliminated all particles (except the neutrino) as possibilities for the near-Earth propulsion of UFOs because their characteristics do not fit the observed operational facts." (p91.)

"We are now ready to examine the positive evidence that UFOs utilise a force or acceleration field as their means of propulsion." (p97.)

"UFOs are propelled by s force akin to gravity, but of an opposite nature..." (p118.)

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