Thursday, September 9, 2010

Precursor to an abduction?


I have the flu at the moment, and have been spending the day in bed. Lying here, listening to ABC FM radio classical music,I had a thought about migraines (see previous post 28 August) and abductions. I am always surprised when these "connections" between two topics come to me, for I never feel that I have been consciously thinking about them.

In my 28 August post about migraines, I noted the following quote from a book:

"Aura onset
Migraines are often augured by incipient sensations, an undefined prodrome that may occur days, hours or just minutes before-hand..."

I just went back to the copy of "Migraine Auras: When the Visual World Fails" by Richard Grossinger, to see what else he had written on this topic. He said:

"A few people report a roaring sound, as of the sea heard in a shell, just before the appearance of phosphenes. Others feel persistent, strong tingling or a sensation of vibrating wires (paresthesias) in the feet, hands, face, and/or tongue area..." (page 69.)

"Sometimes an aura 'rehearses' for days by propelling bright flickers or stars or luminous sparks across the field of vision..."


So, what is the connection which my brain came up with?

It goes back to a post of mine dated 9 March 2010. This post was about the experiences of an English abductee/contactee Mike Oram as told in his book "Does it rain in other dimensions?"

Mike mentions, time after time, that "...I was strongly aware that something was about to happen..." (page 126.) "I sensed quite strongly that something was about to happen..." (page 136.) "I had a feeling that something was going to happen for the past two hours..." (page 138.)

In summary, Mike describes a sequence where he knows something is going to happen, a buzzing sound starts in his head, then vibrations spread through his body, then the event happens.

Could these "knowing" experiences, followed by noise and vibrations, which Mike describes actually be a migraine prodome? Could Mike have integrated these normal but little understood and little known sensations, into a tale of being an abductee/contactee? Remember that a percentage of people who have migraines never experience the classic migraine headache and just experience auras. There could be a number of people who have these sensations, never have a headache and do not realise they are experiencing a migraine.

Dear readers, if you are an abductee/contactee what do you think of this hypothesis?

Another connection

In the same 9 March 2010 post, I referenced the story of Robert Monroe, who wrote of his out-of-body experiences in his 1971 book "Journeys out of the body." On page 24 Monroe describes how his experiences involved a "feeling" which swept his entire body and a roaring sound caused by these vibrations. This sounds to me exactly like a migraine prodome. What do you readers think?

In closing

The end words of my 9 March post were:

"Could there be a physiological or neurological explanation for someone experiencing a sound, vibrations and then a sense of floating off to somewhere else? In addition Oram's sense that he "knew" sometimes something was about to happen reminds me of the advance notice people get of the onset of a migraine headache." A perceptive comment from me, six months before I read Grossinger's book!

Over to you for comments.

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