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The Extraterrestrial answer book

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Sorry for my absence in the last week but the winter influenza bug struck! However, one good thing about an enforced period in bed is that you can still read. The book I have been digesting is "The Extraterrestrial Answer Book: UFOs; Alien Abductions and the coming ET Presence." The author is Jim Moroney. Published by Hampton Roads, Charlottesville, VA. ISBN 978-1-57174-620-7. 222 pages. 2009.

Moroney's experiences began in 1987 in Canada when "I began to have a strong premonition that the aliens were around and that our first physical contact might actually occur. " (p2.) This event followed an incident a few weeks before when, after a vehicle accident an image formed in his mind, of a human face. He also received a message "We're here to help you."

He describes pulling into a truck stop. A blue light shone on him and he became paralysed. (p6.) He noted that this "...paralysis as the same kind of paralysis that I had experienced at various points in my life-time." He felt he was out of the car "Suddenly I was back in the car and as the paralysis began to vanish, the lights began to move off to the right." (p8.)

Two months later he decided to undergo hypnosis which revealed that he travelled out of his car, accompanied "...by an excruciating pain..." (p11.) to find himself "Standing beside my car inside a 50 foot diameter, circular, amphitheater-type of room..." (p11.) Six, uniformed beings were present. They were 4.5 feet tall with large heads. Jim's response was to yell at them.

He asked if the being he had visualised, was on the ship and "...all six of them burst out laughing." (p12.) He was walked around the ship and then "I went through a series of painful medical procedures. " (p16.) He met two 9.5 feet tall alien in black uniforms and another being 5ft 2in tall in a beige outfit. Finally, he recalled being in his car.

This personal introduction is followed by an overview of the UFO phenomenon. Jim had begun "...searching for accounts made by other people who I thought were highly credible, and trying to relate their experiences to mine." (p55.) One of these people was Whitley Strieber.

The next section of the book looks at "Why abduct People Anyway?"; "Why take people at night"; "Who is chosen?"; "How many people are affected?"

At this point in the book he reveals that while on the ship he saw 70 beds, 20 of which "...were occupied by other people." (p63.) and "They built this huge craft specifically to deal with human beings." (p67.)

Jim does question "Are the Memories Real?" noting that "...most contact encounters take place in an altered state of consciousness." "It appears that during some contact episodes, the aliens induce a powerful alternate state of consciousness..." (p79.)

Later he moves on to the topic of implants "I do know that telling someone that an alien put something in my brain is pretty crazy." (p86.) "To my knowledge, no one has yet recovered any object from a contactee's body that has proved, without doubt, to be an implant." (p87.)

Through this section of the book he touches on other experiences of his own.

He explores "missing fetuses" and what the aliens are looking for "...at the core of the abduction phenomenon is the aliens struggling for a relationship." (p97.)

Wondering about the question of spirituality Jim states "Since at least part of the reason that the aliens are here is to initiate a rapid spiritual development in humans..." (p121.)

Chapter 7 is titled "Government." Noting the release of UFO files by some governments he says "...there will be individuals within the space agencies or that nation's military or government who are aware of the extraterrestrials." (p129.)

After pondering on the scientific method, and a search for physical evidence Jim poses the question "Are you a contactess?" (p176.) He points to a number of "symptoms" which may suggest an individual is contactee.

In closing, Jim asks "What can ordinary people do?" His response include "Demand the truth" from Government and "...ask for objective press coverage."


I previously posted on a full length book by Mike Oram, an English contactee. This book by Jim Moroney also provides an in-depth look at an abductee/contactee. I am troubled by the lack of depth in his exploration of his paralysis episodes. He does not provide the reader with any current medical knowledge of sleep paralysis, which might cast a far different perspective on his paralysis.

Jim is however to be congratulated for his willingness to tell his story to the world, which gives readers such as me, an opportunity to decide for themself what interpretation to place on his account.

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