Sunday, June 13, 2010

Adelaide UFO seminar

Hi readers

Yesterday I attended the UFO seminar put on by AURA, the Australian UFO Research Association, in Adelaide, which I mentioned in a previous post.

The six hour event featured talks by Roger Koch; Bill Chalker and Keith Basterfield.

Roger's talk was titled "UFO phenomena: A riddle within an enigma" and opened with him showing the famous Hubble space telescope deep space image featuring an incredible number of galaxies, which means there are a awful lot of stars out there, with possible planets which might just support life. Roger's talk provided an overview of the UFO phenomenon, which would have satisfied the newcomer to the subject, as well as refreshed those of us who already have some knowledge.

Bill Chalker, over from Sydney, broke his presentation "An Alien Life" into two sessions, between which Keith Basterfield spoke. Bill's sessions covered his personal research in both Australia and Asia; and specifically his DNA research and the abduction phenomenon. He emphasised that real science can be undertaken into the subject, which was music to my own ears. The Peter Khoury "alien hair" analysis was excellent.

Keith Basterfield's presentation provided a number of personal tips on how one could retain a long term interest in the topic - covering such areas as read widely; take breaks from time to time; publish your research; and like Kylie Minogue or Madonna reinvent yourself from time to time.

All in all, the six hours flew by; I learnt a great deal about how to properly research the topic; and was delighted by the entire event.

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