Saturday, June 8, 2024

The latest academic UAP workshop - held in Germany


In recent times I have been drawing attention to non-United States research into UAP, given that the issue is one of a global nature. In this post, I will provide some details of yet another academic level workshop, this one held in Germany between 6 and 7 June 2024. This latest workshop was organised by the Interdisciplinary Research Center for Extraterrestrial Studies; part of the Julius-Maximilian-University of Wurzburg, in Germany.

Topics discussed

The following is a list of the speakers, and the topics they gave presentations on:

Dr.-Ing, Hakan Kayal - "Anomaly Detection & Observations System (ADEOS): A reliability rating for UAP observations " together with D. Schulze-Makuch).

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hakan Kayal - (

Andre Kramer - "50 years of civilian date collection on UAP."

Andreas Muller - "A Review of German files within 'Project Blue Book.'"

Michael Landwehr - "Introducing the Electromagnetic and Gravitational Effects Database."

Dr. Dirk Schulze-Makuch - "A reliability rating for UAP observations."

Philippe Alleris - "Under the UFO Radar: Exploring Ufology's Impact on European Society."

Dr. Greg Eghigian - "Alien Traumas: A History of Debate Over the Alien Abduction Experience."

Dr. Beatriz Villarroel - "ExoProbe: a system of wide-field telescopes to search for ET probes."

Dr. Massimo Teodorani - "Investigating UAP Events Using Astronomical Techniques."

Dr. Christian Peters - " The Social Epistemology of Alien Minds."

Dr. Andreas Anton - " Thinking the Unthinkable. Is there still a UFO Taboo?"

Klaus Stahle - " UFOs/UAP's in German federal politics and authorities."

Dr. Moritz Wullen - "A Cube in a Sphere: Prefigurations of Common USAP-shapes in Early Modern Images."

Dr. Matthew Szydagis - " The Latest Scientific News From UAlbany& UAPx."

Dr. Kevin Knuth - Who is Hanging Out in Our Oceans?"

Larry Hancock - "UAP Intentions Studies."

Dr. Joshua Pierson - "Building a UAP Profile."

As can be seen from the titles above, there was a diverse range of topics covered by the presentations. Hopefully, at some stage it will be possible to view videos of the presentations. 

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