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DGI 2024 conference in London

DGI 2024 - London

A Worldwide Business research event, DGI 2024 will be held in London between 12-13 March 2024. The GI in the title stands for Geospatial Intelligence. Geospatial Intelligence is intelligence about human activity on Earth which comes from the analysis of imagery, signals or signatures with geospatial information. This information may be gathered from aerial images, or mobile sensors, or satellites. 

All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office

Of interest to those researching UAP is that one of the speakers at the event is from the U.S. government All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO.) On 1 March 2024, Tim Phillips, who is listed as Director of AARO, will talk on "Leveraging Geospatial Intelligence Tradecraft to Detect, Identify, Track and Manage UAP incidents." On 12 March 2024 he will participate in a workshop titled "How to work with the New All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office on upcoming Commercial Requirements."

Also speaking at the event will be Kathryn McMullan, the Director of the Australian Department of Defence's Australian Geospatial-Intelligence Organisation (AGO.) On 13 March she will talk on "The Golden Era of GEOINT," followed the same day as a participant in a panel discussion regarding European Geospatial Intelligence. AGO is one of seven Australian intelligence agencies, all of whom are exempt from the Australian Freedom of Information Act 1982. 

How I Got Here: Kathryn McMullan, Director of the Australian Geospatial-Intelligence Organisation | HerCanberra

Five Eyes briefing

Melbourne based researcher, Grant Lavac recently received responses to two FOIA requests which he had submitted to the Australian Department of Defence (DOD). He had asked about Australia's representation at an AARO UAP Five Eyes briefing held in May 2023 in Washington DC.

One document was located by the DOD which matched the requests. However, access was denied on the grounds that:

 "I am satisfied that material contained in the document requested by the applicant is material that originated with, or was received from, an exempt agency." 

Out of the seven Australian Intelligence agencies which are exempt from the Australian FOI Act 1982 only two are within the DOD. These are the Defence Intelligence Agency (DIO) and the AGO. We know that whoever attended the AARO briefing was a Defence representative as this has been stated by the DOD itself.  We do not know which agency sent this individual to the meeting, only that they were based at the Australian Embassy in Washington DC. We do not know for certain which Australian Intelligence agency originated or received the material contained in the one document which DOD located pursuant to Grant's FOIA request. However, it is reasonable to suggest that the document originated from or contained material from either the DIO or AGO. 

It will be fascinating to hear the content of Tim Phillips' speech, and whether or not Kathryn McMullan listens to it. An Internet search using keywords "Kathryn McMullan" and "UAP" located no entries.

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