Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Australia did attend the May 2023 AARO UAP Five Eyes Forum

Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick 

During his presentation to the NASA public meeting on 31 May 2023, former All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) Director, Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick, stated that he had recently held a forum on UAP for the Five Eyes partners. The Five Eyes partners are the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. A number of UAP researchers and journalists sought comment from these countries as to whether or not they attended the Five Eyes UAP Forum. In a blog dated 1 July 2023, I specifically sought evidence that a representative from the Australian government had attended.

Royal Australian Air Force

Australian researcher Grant Lavac posed a number of questions to Richard Marle M.P. Australian Minister for Defence; one of which was: 

"What was the extent of Australia's involvement in the Five Eyes Forum on UAP and who from Australia was represented?"

The response letter, dated 30 June 2023, came from B Sleeman, Acting Head of Air Force Capability. In part, it read:

"Air Force did not attend the Five Eyes Forum on UAP..."

Senator Whish-Wilson

In a July 2023 Australian Department of Defence response to question on notice number 91, of the Senate Estimates Committee, submitted on 20 June 2023, by Senator Whish-Wilson, inter alia was:

"Q: Did Australia attend the recent Five Eyes meeting held in May 2023? If so, did it attend the briefing on UAPs?"

A: Australia did not attend a United States briefing on UAPs."

However, later, Senator Whish-Wilson posed another question on notice at the 2023-2024 Supplementary Buget Estimates Committee, dated 2 November 2023.

"Did the Australian Department of Defence receive an invitation from the US All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) to attend the inaugural Five Eyes Forum on UAP in May 2023 led by AARO's Director Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick?"

The 15 December 2023 answer was "Yes. A Defence representative at the Australian Embassy in Washington attended."


1. Which is correct? The July 2023 negative assertion or the November 2023 positive assertion?

2. If the latter, who from the Australian Embassy attended? What agency or government Department were they from? 

3. After the briefing who did this individual inform about the contents of the UAP briefing? Was there a written report? Is this available under the FOI Act?

Currently a number of Australian UAP researchers, including myself, are searching for the answers, to these and other questions.

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