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"Project Nanu"

"Project Nanu"

I was recently intrigued to see a number of Tweets about an entity called "Project Nanu" on Twitter/X. The Project's 13 August 2023 tweet read:

"We may have been quiet, but we've been very busy behind the scenes building a world first social science platform #coming soon. For pre-release information, to know more about us, & the app...."

The website for Project Nanu advises that:

"Investigate the Unknown presents NANU - Discover - Share - Investigate." There follows:

"At Nanu we promise to ignite the flame of discovery and empower investigative, problem-solving, and creative individuals to investigate, discover and share the unknown in a scientific and approachable way..."

Frequently asked questions

There is a "Frequently Asked Questions" section to the website, which advises that their application "...will be globally available for download enabling users to investigate, share and discover all aspects of the phenomenon." The app will be available "Fall 2023 on Android and iOS."

To the question "Where is the company based" the answer provided is: "The company and developers behind the Nanu app are based in the UK, America and Europe."

As to "Who is the parent company & who is involved" the response is: "Nanu is part of the privately owned Investigate the Unknown group headed up by Nicholas Martin."

At this point of reading the details on the website, a question which came to my mind is what is "the phenomenon" mentioned in the FAQ? I found the answer by looking at earlier tweets posted between 7 and 22 December 2022. There is mention of an interest in "Unexplained Phenomena;" "cryptozoology;"" cryptids;" "scientific anomalies;" "spirituality;" "paranormal;" "haunted locations;" "ghosts and spirits;" "extraterrestrials;" "UFOs/UAPs." In short, a very diverse range of topics.

Company business

I took a look at the parent company cited above, namely "Investigate the Unknown Ltd." via the UK Government's "Companies House" website.

The "Investigate the Unknown Ltd." company is listed as company number 12906585 a "Private Limited Company," incorporated on 25 September 2020, with a registered office in Morden, England.

There is a filing history of relevant documents lodged by the company between 25 September 2020 and 21 July 2023. Under the heading of "People," the following individuals are described:

Edward Crowther. Director. Appointed 11 January 2022, age 38, resides in England.

Philip Jansson. Director. Appointed 13 January 2022, age 25, resides in Sweden.

Nicholas Aaron Martin. Director.  Appointed 25 September 2020, age 31, resides in England.

Ricky Paul Mills, Director, Appointed 15 January 2022, age 26, resides in England. 

Hollyanne Bernadette Wood. Director. Appointed 28 January 2023, age 37, resides in England. 


On LinkedIn the company Investigate the Unknown has a presence. It states that the company has five employees and:

"We are a company built from passionate individuals that are looking to create a generational project that involves discovery, adventure, investigation, problem solving and to bring the rest of humanity along in our awe-inspiring journey. Our goal for us is to bring the unknown phenomenon to the mainstream and inspire the whole world into discovering, sharing and investigating these mysterious and awe-inspiring stories and sighting."

I then looked for individual LinkedIn profiles for the five employees, and found four:

Ed Crowther

Philip Jansson

Nicholas Martin

Ricky Mills

UAP interests

In browsing all the above information, I wondered who amongst the listed individuals might have an interest in UAP? Ricky Mills' profile speaks to a ghost sighting when he was eight, and "ghosts and spirits" was mentioned in one of the project's tweets. One individual maintains a Twitter/X account where their username is @thatuapgirl and that is Holly Wood, who has been on Twitter/X since 2010. Here is a link to an English newspaper article which describes Holly's UAP interests. Holly may be followed on Facebook here. 

In closing

It is refreshing to see that this particular startup company, is open and transparent in the information which is publicly available about it. I look forward to finding out further details of "Project Nanu" and its application when that is available. 

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