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Niagara Falls sightings - another investigation by BAASS

In a recent blog I reported on my efforts in mining the phenomainon database. One of the cases which I found in there, was an investigation by Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS) into paranormal occurrences in the locality of Tennyson, Indiana, USA. 

Danny Silva

Yesterday, U.S. researcher Danny Silva, in a blog post,  reported brief details of another BAASS case investigation which went to the Defence Intelligence Agency's (DIA) Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications Program (AAWSAP.). The information provided by Danny was:

* Multiple witnesses saw an unknown object in the sky

* The object was recorded from multiple angles

* BAASS investigators were despatched to the area

* Several videos were collected by BAASS

* The case was forwarded to the AAWSAP.

"Skinwalkers at the Pentagon"

I wondered if I could find out additional information about this? Firstly, I checked my copy of the 2021 book titled  "Skinwalkers at the Pentagon" by Lacatski et al. There were two references in  the book to the keywords "Niagara Falls."

1. Page 210. Documents sent by BAASS to the DIA's AAWSAP.

"#3 BAASS Project Managemen Plan Addendum Report: UAP Sightings - Niagara Falls, Canada, BAASS case #200900000108000, 9 October 2009 - 21 March 2010 (393 pages.)"

2. Page 211.

"BAASS March 2010 Monthly Report. BAASS MUFON Relations, HBCCUFO UAP site, Utah Ranch Investigations, Niagara Falls Anomalies, and Tennyson, IN Anomalies (71 pages.)"

Surprsingly, for the fact that it is a 393 page report, there is nothing about any Niagara Falls, Canada,  UAP sightings in the main body of the book.

UAP database

I then went to the UPDB and found three reports from Niagara Falls, during the period 1 November 2009 - 15 November 2009. These were:

1. 1 November 2009 10pm. Niagara Falls, NY, USA. MUFON. 

"This has been going on every clear night for the past 6 months. It started back in May 2009. I went to my son's school to pick him up from a band concert he was in, and when I left my house I saw 3 huge lights at the corner of my dead-end street. As I approached this top sign, I found myself under a huge triangle. It was about 100 feet above my head and had 3 lights in the rear, 3 lights in the center and as I drove under it further, it had 3 lights in the front. It was at least an 1/8 of a mile long and 100 feet across. As I passed the nearest intersection (Route 93), I finally was past it. I think I was in shock as I continued to drive to my son's school. I picked him up and as I drove back to my house. I hoped it would still be there, however it was gone. When I got home I told my mom. I must have been convincing because she believed me. 

After that, every clear night I saw a star shaped object, sometimes 3. However, I knew in my heart these were no stars. This continued every clear night. I could see well into the sky. These things were pretty stationary and moved from south to north over the course of the night. Then I started seeing objects flying away from the stationary objects, with blinking lights, almost like planes except they flew erratically and eventually flew below the tree lines. 

Two nights ago I decided to look at them through my son's binoculars and confirmed what I knew in my heart, they're not stars. They're triangular shaped and blue at the top, white in the middle and towards the botton, and red at the tail. The objects that leave them are blimp shaped and the entire object blinks light in spike pattern. The spikes being red and white. I'm actually looking at them while I'm typing this letter! I'm disabled, therefore poor and cannot afford to buy a telescope and have no means of taking pictures. I assure you this is no hoax and I'm asking you to bring your equipment on any clear night and you will crap your pants!!! What freaks me out is that Niagara Falls has a huge airbase and can't believe noone is reporting this. It's also over the general vicinity of Southern Ontario, Canada, these people must be seeing what I am seeing. Why isn't anyone saying anything?????? I'm 51 years old and as sane as they come! I have a 150 IQ and I'm as honest as Abe Lincoln. This goes on EVERY clear night and the event lasts all night, therefore the bags under my eyes!! This is as good as it gets, please don't pass on these events, they're better than anything I've ever seen on UFO tv shows."

2. 10 November 2009 Night  Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. NUFORC.

Bar shaped light with lit ends hovering in Niagara Falls for at least 30 minutes with darting small light. I was on Stanley and Murray Streets by the new casino along with other witnesses in the area watching it. The object was there from when I arrived around 6.15, watched for 30 minutes, rushed home to get camera, came back. It was only there for 30 seconds more so I captured nothing on video. There were MANY witnesses looking up and staring and commenting, some screaming saying OMG what is that etc. I noticed at least 5 witnesses and talked briefly to a few people about it. It was almost STRAIGHT up in the sky as after the clouds went away a bit I noticed it was in the area of W Cassopia. It FLASHED when the Casino spot lights hit it, just like the previous Youtube's video from the end of October this year. But those videos had only 1 small light. This had 2 IDENTICAL lights and a longer one in between them.

I could not make out anything when the spotlights were not hitting it as there was cloud cover and it was already night. It looked like it was just above the clouds, quite high, 1000ft for sure, about 2 inches long at arm's length. VERY bright, was in a straight line facing NNW. The light was white with a tinge of blue. Light itself was the straight like a bar bell with 2 lights on the end. It had a smaller light on each end of the bar that were identical in shape. There was a light, then a small space then light. This composed the SMALL light at each end. Then there was the middle BAR light which was about 5x the length of the small end lights. Had a middle longer bar than the light like the video again in a straight line. Since it was there for about 30 minutes or more as I was watching it, I was hoping it might be there for a while longer, so I rushed home to get a camera and my Night Vision Monocular. When I got back, it wa there for only about 30 seconds more. I couldn't even set up the camera to take any video then it disappeared. I waited until after 9,20pm to see if it would come back but I didn't see it anymore. 

Just before 9pm still looking in the arrea of the sky where it was, using my Night Vision Monocular, I suddenly saw a DOT just like a small star moving in a straight line and immediately thought it was a satellite as I have spent countless nights star gazing and see satellites every 5 minutes sometimes which is nothing unusual This light however, stopped going straight, slowed down smoothly, but quickly and turned flying around that area with incredible speed and maneuverability. It's very difficult to describe this type of movement. It was FAST, reactive, but still smooth flying. Not like a bug or a bird or anything I've ever seen. Keep in mind I've star gazed for decades, have owned numerous telescopes, so I'm familiar whith what can be seen out there. This was like nothing I've ever seen. 

This point of light looked to be very high as it was in FOCUS with the stars, anything very close would be out of focus on my Night Vision as it's manual adjusted focus so it had to be quite distant. This light then darted off in a straight line after the maneuvers and the lights from the street and buildings flared up the Night Vision and I couldn't view it any more as there were street lights everywhere. The whole time I was yelling out "that's impossible" etc. I couldn't contain myself. Shape: cigar. Duration: 30 minutes. 

3. 15 November 2009 7.20pm Nigara Falls, Ontario, Canada. NUFORC

Lights seen over Niagara Falls hovered for 1 hour and 45 minutes. Appeared in the sky around 7:20. Same object as I reported on the 10th, but lighting was different. This wasn't as bright this time but in the same spot in the sky. DIRECTLY straight north. This time I was prepared with a camera. Object was not a reflection or light abberation of any kind. It was very large and seemed to be thousands of feet up. Even though at times the sky was clear, it always seemed to be HAZY or partically cloaked. It went really high around an hour 30 minutes then came back down, then disappeared. 15 minutes later it appeared again for another 15 minutes, then was gone. 

The above were the only three reports in the UAPDB database from Niagara Falls between 9 October 2009 and 21 March 2010. There were no BAASS sourced Niagara Falls cases in the 44 BAASS subdatabase. 

Wider Internet search17

A search of the Internet, using the keywords "Niagara Falls plus UFO plus 2009' located the following:

1. 17 October 2009. 

In a 20 October 2009 article in the newspaper "Niagara Gazette" reporter Alison Langley reported on a 17 October 2009 observation by Angela and Scott Jordan. Angela Jordan reported that for 20 minutes they watched what looked like "...a piece of metal." A number of people reported it appeared at around 10pm and stayed for a couple of hours, although it appeared obscured by clouds. 

2. A Reddit post titled "UFO over Niagara Falls 2009 - captured by 3 separate witnesses.'

3. A YouTube video from 19 December 2009

4. Another series of 39 YouTube videos said to be of the Niagara UFO/lights phenomena 2009-2011. 


The available material is extremely lacking in any analysis. We can only wait for the DIA to release the 393 page BAASS AAWSAP report. 


  1. No need. Canadian investigators determined that the photos were for the most part images of spotlights from a casino shining on the underside of clouds. The other lights seen by witnesses, such as the "small star" seen with a monocular and other instruments, were aircraft and satellites.


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