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The seventh "observable"

 The five "observables"

On a number of occasions, Luis Elizondo has mentioned that the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) identified five "observables" concerning Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP.) These are:

1. Sudden and instantaneous acceleration.

2. Hypersonic velocities without signatures.

3. Low observability.

4. Trans media travel.

5. Positive lift.

In a post dated 11 August 2020, US researcher Danny Silva, spoke about a sixth AATIP "observable," namely, biological effects on humans. I would like to add a seventh "observable, " i.e. the effects that UAP have on our own technology.

UAP effects on our technology

Motor vehicles

Perhaps the most well know piece of our technology which has been long associated with UAP effects, is the motor vehicle. A typical example is the following:

At 6.35pm, on 8 August 1971, near the town of Kadina, South Australia, a man was driving alone when he noted his surroundings were lit up by an orange hue. Suddenly, the car's engine stopped and the car's lights went out. He was unable to restart the engine so stopped the car. Getting out of the vehicle, he noted an object some 150 feet above the car. During this time he noted a buzzing/purring noise was constantly audible. The object then departed to the south east, after 2-3 minutes of remaining stationary above him. Before losing sight of it, he got back in the car and successfully restarted the engine. 

In numerous other sightings, the engine, headlights, and radio of motor vehicles, have been affected. Perhaps, the classic collection of such cases is "UFO Reports Involving Vehicle Interference" authored by Mark Rodeghier, and published by the J Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies, in 1981. This collection and analysis, studied several hundred such cases, which illustrate the diverse nature of effects on motor vehicles due to the close proximity of UAP. 


The other piece of our technology which has been affected in some instances, are aircraft. One of the most comprehensive catalogues available, was compiled by French Researcher Dominique F. Weinstein, and published by the National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena, (NARCAP) in 2001. Weinstein's work features details of several hundred cases of sightings involving aircrews, between 1916 and 2000. About 14% of cases feature electromagnetic effects to equipment onboard the aircraft, involving "radios, radar, compasses, engines ..."

Weinstein and Richard Haines took a closer look at EMF effects on aircraft in another 2001 NARCAP study, titled "A Preliminary Study of Fifty Seven Pilot Sighting Reports Involving Alleged Electro-Magnetic Effects on Aircraft Systems."

 Nuclear weapons

Image courtesy of Amazon Books

There have been a number of instances where nuclear missiles have reportedly been affected by UAP.. For example: 

US researcher Robert Hastings has documented a number of these, including an incident around 1977 at Grand Forks Air Force Base in North Dakota, where a now retired USAF Missile Security Supervisor related that unidentified lights had interfered with their ability to communicate with the launch sites. No missile could have been launched if required.

Robert L Salas reported on his involvement with an incident at Malstrom Air Force Base, Montana in March 1967, where numerous nuclear missile warheads were reportedly deactivated, and UAP observed. 

Other technology

In other cases involving UAP, there have been reported effects on numerous pieces of technology. For details of individual cases. I would recommend a viewing of the EMF category of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) website. Cases go back to at least 24 June 1947: 

"Prospector Fred M Johnson sighted five or six "round,  metallic looking discs" 30 feet in diameter, with tails or fins. He got a better look at one when he focused his telescope on it. As the discs banked in the sun 1000 feet overhead, Johnson, was surprised to see his compass needle was weaving back and forth . It ceased doing so as soon as the UFOs, which were in view less than a minute, headed off toward the southwest." (Clark, J. 1992."The UFO Encyclopedia: Volume Two," Omnigraphics, Detroit, page 129.)

Deliberate or accidental?

The debate has always been as to whether the effects we notice, are due to a byproduct of UAP, e.g. as a side effect of say a propulsion system; or a deliberate targeting of our technology. The fact that not every close encounter between our technology and UAP results in effects, would seem to argue for the latter.

Have blog readers, any thoughts as to other "observables?"


  1. Yes, the 8th observable is the most important one.
    Effect on our culture.
    That has been first proposed by Vallee, with hi definition of Control system.
    The apparitions of UFO are theater pieces to provoke changes in human society.

  2. Objectively, UFOs have had little or no effect on human culture. I'd like to see an example of any effect -- an effect that matters.

  3. Thanks for mentioning in "UAP Task Force to be created".
    I sent you manuals of official terms there, but apparently nobody wants to talk about that specifically (Update 9-4 / 2020) and the limitation of the DOD is to give "robot answers" to direct questions.
    As the aerospace engineer and physicist Alexander G. Jackson said in "US Senate Select Committee report refers to Unidentified Aerial Phenomena".
    And that is something that Susan Gough (Update above) made clear "Luis Elizondo here is a minor actor", for which I want to CALL LUIS ELIZONDO to reveal the secret of the AATIP of WHO WAS the author of what today everything the world cheerfully calls "Elizondo's Five Observables", and if he doesn't want to, let him BE HONEST and tell the truth: the definition doesn't belong to him.
    HONESTY, first.
    Second: the explanation about the five observables comes from a series of military videos, cut, recorded in + 4K-UHDV full-band multi-spectral capture, but presented to the public in 240 pixels and a single viewing frequency.
    If those Nimitz videos were indeed "leaked", how could the person who leaked them have had time to edit them before extracting them from the military command data triple check system?.
    At least a dozen military personnel are directly responsible for the custody, download, transfer and confidential storage of military mission command data, especially records that affect national security, as someone claims 240-pixel videos to be.
    So if you define the five observables based on 240 Pixel videos, please! I don't want to think that we could define with the COMPLETE ORIGINAL VIDEOS.
    Your questions about "other observables", I will answer you with some paragraphs of a report presented in 2001 to the United States Senate and Pentagon.
    The report is titled "A new look at anomalies and events in areas of global military control." (Copyright-2DMF, Olivera, Randall, Sofía, Wallovsky, 1998).
    "Humans are not perfect, their eyes are not, they cannot observe the Sun, the darkness, through a storm of dust or snow, or beyond the clouds, not under water, with high or low temperature, If you get emotional and cry or if you have anger and only focus on one thing or if you are afraid and everything is careful, your eyes will observe a part of reality. "
    "The governments decided that they can observe everything that happens in their territories, but this is false, they only observe what their human eyes and their limited technology allow them to do."
    "Today in few places a command officer can observe the shape of an object based on the capture of the sound it produces, or the displacement of atmospheric flow in its environment as it moves through the air according to the pressure waves it generates, or how many and which frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum affect and are affected by an atmospheric Anomaly or an Event of artificial origin manufactured or not by human hands ".
    "If you go along the sidewalk in front of your house, you, a military officer, United States Senator or Presidential Advisor, can observe the void field left by that person who passes by your side, displaces the surrounding atmosphere creating a gentle breeze What hits your face? No, you can't, neither can a trained pilot moving inside an F14 when an A&E crosses his field of vision. "
    "" Observe "is not about" looking "or" seeing ", it is about capturing the underlying information before, during and after the fact," observing "is the synthetic way of presenting the data, obtained by multiple sources that act as systemic way. "Observe" is a synonym for "understand the how," something for which technology is at least half a century out of date. "

    1. How did you get that paper?, I understand that it is classified.

    2. Hi, Thanks again for your insightful comments.

  4. I certainly would be happy to see an "EMF efects" category included. This would have sub-categories for Land (fixed and mobile), Sea and Air as we have much documented evidence to support this.

    As the likley propulsion systems are likely to be electromagnetic or electrogravimetric there would be a resultant very high EMF around the object. I therefore come down very strongly on the side that it is "accidental" effects rather than deliberate. Although it is still possible to use the side-effect deliberately once once it is understood how it effect Easrth-based systems.

  5. John Doe refers to the "Cross Border Report," which in 2005 cost two senior military officers their jobs.
    Both commented privately on the report, only details, but the matter was so big that they were sanctioned.
    The general idea in the report, which is now old, was to alert about the undetected circulation of UAPs, USTPs (Unidentified Space-Time Phenomena), UCDPs (Unidentified Cross-Dimension Phenomena), and UBAPs (Unidentified Biological Alteration Phenomena), and others within a larger group called A&E or Æ (Anomalies and Events).
    If you look at the TTSA research principles, you might find a match.
    The report is a set of several books, the last three include details on technology in operation, special devices and experimental instruments for the observation, detection, monitoring and "interaction" (???) of the Æ, surely you heard it in someone else place.
    The "Cross Border Report" is only a part of the reports that circulated with the name of a small group of local authors from the United States and international actors, not all of them referring to this matter.
    But those reports were interrupted at the end of 2015, the comment in that year was that they did not agree with the secret continuation of the actions of the AATIP, although others argued that it was because of the expectation that the current President Trump would be elected.
    The latter makes a lot of sense in relation to the fact that the White House made no difference in the discrimination of Latinos, Arabs, Russians or Chinese (among others), be they people who walk down the street or scientists with decades of experience.
    An interesting data, the global network of LINE monitoring stations has devices with technology sealed in anti-vandalism modules (it is there in Australia too) capable of capturing multi-spectral images in various EM channels (among others), and that according to PM&T magazine they are far superior to the airborne cameras that captured the Tic-Tac UFO.
    1 + 1 = 2.

    1. Grace from Darwin, AUSeptember 14, 2020 at 8:17 AM

      Robert, in which countries are deployed the LINE global network?

    2. More interesting information, thank you.

  6. About Mr. Walton said. Can we sure that phenomena jump the limits of conventional reality?.
    In the case of UBAPs, I am teacher in physics, we talk about transfer of property to organic body from no organic source, and the alteration of the first.
    Then, we confront a moment critic because this is comparable to a nuclear blast, in the way of the unkonown that especific source tranform the human body.
    If the phenomena is unidentified, Can we think what is intentional?, I think so, because if a unkonwn inteligence has develop a device with capabilities to altered the natural human body, Can he or she take the care that not happens a specifical change biological?.
    The human body is a not open enciclopaedia, a lot about "we" canot know for a single observation; our brain, our cells, our variety and position of neuronal systems, and waht those micro process go inside us life from birth to death.
    I has read a few not confidentials papers, specialy of Mrs. Wallovsky about cuantum physics and no regulars materials structures, and I think the data produced are very munch more that the ones published.
    This is a topic very dangerous to science and technology, we the academics can not have access to the knowledge if we can not have access to process and technology, and we not have that access.
    Then, the goverments do not make the diference upon that scenario, we talk about here of the life human, and a new one alteration no natural.
    Mr. Elizondo few days ago said he taken a interview wiht a misterious "man", that man was in the same charge of he but in the '80, then, What we got here?, Why "Lue" said nothing about the secrets?, Can we trust in he when TTSA have a juicy income for the contract whit the US Army?.
    Mr. Olivera, in Madrid first 2014 and second in Buenos Aires 2016, said "the researchs about no conventional anomalies and events not stop from de decade of 1910", and "never was stopen", and "all this is crossed for egos and economic bussines, we are very far away to have a global coincidence", but he warning "we go alone if is the case, we call your door only one time".
    I think about my childrens, and the girls and boys around the Earth, What we left him of legacy?.

    1. Daniel R. Ferguson - US, TX, NTU&FBABSeptember 14, 2020 at 9:29 AM

      Ellen, you seem to know something more than what you are saying, I found the link of the Madrid conference that you mention but I couldn't get in to listen.
      I also read that Olivera is not the one who leads her group, can you tell us who is leading these activities?

    2. As you say, we look into this topic from the outside. There are insiders who know more.

  7. George "Flex-1" Norrigton Jr.September 13, 2020 at 10:27 AM

    I misunderstand, or is what we are talking about here multi-systemic research?
    Since the 1910s, what year and what happened at that specific time?
    I once heard this "Æ" from a retired military man, I searched, but every time I was close the door hit my face.
    I spent 10 years searching.
    What do we have here? MIBs? IOs? Both of them?
    Titl me "interaction", With whom? How do you do it? FOR WHAT ?, we learned since 2017 with the Tic-Tacs and mint candies that apparently no one "knew" anything, but these days from this news an intense rumor spread in certain political and military fields.
    "MY" question is who is behind this since the beginning of the last century?
    Something is true, when you ask "authorized personnel" something about it, they start talking to you about something else or simply look at you with the eyes of a fish out of water.
    Is this the head of the nail where our hammer has to go?

  8. Dimitri (LINE/ru member)September 14, 2020 at 6:18 AM

    It is a bit difficult to understand, we read Japan "prepares for a war against the UAPs", but that is not true information.
    Japan speaks of survival and agrees on the observation and monitoring, that is, an alert situation but without direct intervention by its forces.
    Here the global network of LINE monitoring stations was mentioned in the comments, with certainty and Japanese military and scientists and the rest of the world know, that LINE / jp is the fourth area of ​​that global network with the most land and ocean stations.
    The country, Japan, very rational and at the same time very reserved shows a face that we can see in the article:
    "I would like to refrain from", that means "boys, we are working hard on that", and that makes me think that LINE / jp was equipped with third party online high speed data transfer systems in 1996, and one One of the fundamentals was the observation of the Japanese Jet 1628 over Alaska in 1986.
    Very early in 2014 new devices were installed in LINE / jp, manufactured by a military subsidiary of the ex-JVNC (Japan Victor National Company) with the design of Ido Okita Nakeda, PhD and partner of Steve Randall PhD and Theoretical Physicist (read above ), perhaps after observing the Nimitz ¡?.
    These devices are small, spherical aperture multi-sensor, photo and video domes, and look the same as the Raytheon units of the Tic-Tac UFO, but on a tower and looking up at the sky.
    This could be explaining that the US and Japan have actually been working together on the issue since 1986, and that military and political officials have access to data provided by a network of stations that is private, located on private properties and operated globally. .
    If we look at the map, the Pacific Ocean is large but not that large, and geopolitical and strategic proximity are critical when facing a potential enemy, it is not surprising that the other three areas where the global LINE network is strongest are China (LINE / cn), Russia (LINE / ru) and USA (LINE / us).
    So I think: Elizondo was "Director of Global Security", now no more, he does not have access to LINE, but did he know something about this? If we eat all the cookies in the tin, at the bottom is the prize and for what it seems this one speaks of a global plan of observation, monitoring and preparation for the defense.
    There are many cookies to eat yet.

    1. Thanks for the above comments. There are lots which we do not know.

  9. Erik Leyden PhD MTU 33901-A/79September 14, 2020 at 8:56 AM

    It is true that black holes cannot be "observed" with the naked eye, neither pressure changes, nor light curvature, nor wind direction changes, nor atmospheric vacuum, now if all these and others are presented in In the presence of a UAP, the phenomenon goes far beyond our scientific understanding and the physical laws that we know.
    If "someone" is observing this with technology, and the list is long, then what are you waiting for to make it known to the world? We can understand that many inventors have "disappeared" in strange circumstances, but here we are talking about something that could change the history.
    Who are these people ?, "that" is the question.

    1. Hi Erik, that is the question "Who are these people?"

  10. Sally Mother and ScientistSeptember 14, 2020 at 2:36 PM

    It is a double sensation within us, we all want to know what is really happening, and at the same time out of a primitive sense of survival, we move away from that truth and as a society we do not claim as we should.
    I received at least 50 pings of this news in the last hours, and now I see why, there is a lot of concentrated information here that those who write it have the prudence to do so in a dropper.
    The final question "who are they" is important to answer, I think, but I consider that there is another question above it and that defines them, and defines us at the same time as final responsible in our communities.
    Are these people's intentions good or bad?
    It is a question with history, it came to the mind of the original inhabitants of America, Australia, Africa, and of every place where a different culture went to create trade ties, profess their faith, colonize or simply explore.
    I should not say the answers, we all know them, but this, today, is much higher, we are talking about someone who appears as "from outside".
    Have you ever rescued an injured puppy from the road? He does not want you to touch him, to get close to him, he is afraid and he is hurt, and he wonders if you are good or bad, if you are going to help him or hurt him even more .
    It is only up to you to show that you want to help, that you are there to help, that you stopped your vehicle in the middle of nowhere to heal their wounds.
    Humanity is lying on the edge of the road, wounded by disease, power, hatred and violence, at the same time the armed forces speak of something that flies over its skies and humanity opens its eyes wide and asks itself, are you good or bad? .
    What to answer? What do those who are "interacting" there answer?
    I want, we want, an answer, but not a response from IOs, from spies or from those who are making money or gaining power and influence under our noses.
    We want an honest and direct answer, and it may not be the time, but we want it now.

    1. We are not bad.
      But there is a lot of that in the world, the universe itself has a lot of that, but luckily it also has a lot of goodness, compassion, decency, honesty and love in its purest form.
      You should not blindly believe everything you read, that is the way to understand the truth, you should doubt with respect and affection for yourself and for others.
      We, like you, love puppies and would go into the desert if necessary to help one or all of them.
      We also love music, please listen to the lyrics of this song:

    2. Thanks! God bless you and give you the strength, the opportunity and the prudence so that one day not too far away all of us can understand.

  11. Maureen (Love Annie Lennox)September 15, 2020 at 5:16 AM

    Good music !, a short story from 1982, during the recording in the forest that was attributed at the time to a promotional campaign, one of the technicians declared days after editing the live images, a dark object appeared in the sky , immobile much higher from the top of the trees

  12. Interesting digital traffic, as a systems engineer after receiving many invitation pings to read this news and your comments, I started to look a little bit about the routing of each access.
    I am not going to give logical and physical addresses because it is illegal to do so, but I must say that I was impressed by the reverse encryption and the data flow algorithms.
    I don't know all of them and that's weird as I have a background in military grade computing, but I must say that SDPs (systems device protocols) belong to someone who knows and has a web traffic manager that few can afford.
    In another aspect in routing, it is observed as open traffic, that is, without intervention, but it has some algorithm indicators that I had never seen, overlapped in GRML (global router multi level) credentials.
    I have not been able to cross some virtual limits that appear as programming synchronization errors, but that I intuit that they are complex systems in themselves, I saw this only in quantum computing and that terrain is slippery.
    My colleague at work says that we cannot recognize the programming architecture because it is not in binary code, it really can be, but who operates simultaneously in double codes here?
    Military of the USA, China, Russia, experiment (and I say: they only experiment) with non-binary codes, but this is as if it was designed by artificial intelligence so I have no idea what it is about.
    Something is clear, whoever modulates these principles of technology is only observing the traffic, nothing more, it is like putting an eye on the table while two people talk while drinking a coffee.
    We asked our web law partner and she told us, unsurprisingly, that she had already seen it and that whoever does it does not violate any law, or any ethical code, that she just watches as she is standing on the corner of a big city how people pass, but she clarified "observe everything, from a public sphere".
    She called it "the eye that looks into the eye", referring to someone who watches over big brother, who in turn watches over us, which is weird, but it's a lot for me.
    Just say: Hi! from here.

    1. Lea - Global JWRED System - TechDesk 813September 17, 2020 at 6:29 AM

      Come on man get out of there! It's not to make such a fuss.
      It is true that the systems are expensive, but they are not mysterious as you suggest, and it is true that an ACAI (adaptive and cognitive artificial intelligence) architecture and an anisotropic non-binary language are used, but in which university of sciences in the world they are not Working on it?.
      Look, follow the crumbs and you can find some certainty, one of the devices that is used in NVIDIA A100 TENSOR CORE GPU in multicore trays, and it is not the most important.
      You cannot cross some virtual limits because they are simply not programs, they are images, snapshots of programs, which are used to not logically intervene in the systems.
      It is as if you wanted to access the programming of a photo of your computer taken with your cell phone.
      If you enter through the routing that you used in the deviation of the logical link of the S-227801 / 208P server in Geneva, there I left you a paper with the basic architecture of our data flow.
      Please don't fabricate mysteries that don't exist, today's high-performance computing is much more advanced than your home PC.
      Thank you!

    2. Ok, sorry Lea, I was exaggerating, I didn't mean to, I found your report and Mr. Manfred Rüdi spoke to me and invited me to collaborate on an initiative for non-members. Sorry also the blog owner, I did not want to raise false expectations.

  13. At times like this ... I just think that reality appears crazier than fantasy.
    I am a professional with 25 years of theoretical physics experience, and after reading the comments I feel like a street dog, waiting at the door of a butcher shop for someone to drop a bone.


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