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TTSA - a new filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

Offering circular

On 12 July 2019, the To The Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences (TTSA for short) undertook a further filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. As with all these filings, there are always a few new pieces of information.

In this filing, which is an offering circular dated 12 July 2019, we learn:

"We currently work with and intend to employ additional lead engineers from major Department of Defense and aerospace companies with the capability to pursue an advanced engineering approach to fundamental aerospace topics like Beamed -Energy Propulsion, Space-Time Metrics Engineering and warp drive metrics."

My comment: This is the first time I can recall, that TTSA have mentioned their intention to employ additional engineering staff.

"On September 27, 2017, the company announced an offering pursuant to...raising $1,370,230 before closing on September 28, 2018..."

My comment: This is the first time I can recall, that a figure has been shown, for how much was raised by the first stock offering.

Number of shares on offer

The latest offering is "a maximum of 6,000,000 shares of Class A common stock...The cost price per set at $5.00. The minimum investment is 70 shares or $350."

My comment: If all shares are subscribed to, the result would be an investment of $30,000,000.

Risk Factors

1. "Our Aerospace and Science Divisions have no current customers and no revenues."

2. "Aerospace and scientific research and development can be risky, and there are no guarantees that any of the projects we undertake will lead to a commercially viable product."

My comment: These statements are telling ones.

What is the M$30 to be used for?

If TTSA raises M$30 what is it planning to do with it? The offering circular states:

M$2.7 for offering expenses; M$14.2 for project initiatives, acquisition or strategic partnerships in the Entertainment, Science and Aerospace Divisions; M$6.4 on sales and marketing; M$5.7 on operating expenses; M$0.5 initiatives relating to the company's public benefit purpose; M$0.5 to repay a line of credit.

2019 products include

Sekret Machines' Non-Fiction series Book 2: Man. "This book is the stunning continuation of an intensive study of UFO phenomena in which hard science, technology and the human mind are explored as they relate to our world."

New Director

"In May 2019 the company appointed J Christopher Mizer to serve on the company's Board of Directors...Mr Mizer will be considered an independent contractor and will receive a monthly fee of $5,000 as well as 300,000 shares of the company's class A common stock..."

The current staffing is:

Thomas Delonge - President, Interim CEO.
James Semivan - Vice President, Operations.
Harold Puthoff - Vice President, Science and Technology.
Louis Tommasino - Treasurer, CFO.
Stephen Justice - Director of Advanced Programs and Technology. COO.
Kari Delonge - Chief Communications Officer.
Lisa Clifford - Secretary.
Luis Elizondo - Chief of Security and Special programs.

The Board of Directors is:

Thomas Delonge; James Semivan; Harold Puthoff; J Christopher Mizer. ("There is one additional director to be appointed."  "We are looking for a take over from T Delonge.")

Who is J Christopher Mizer?


The offering advises that :

"J Christopher Mizer currently serves on our Board of Directors. He has held that position since May 7, 2019. He is the current co-founder of Vivaris Capital and has held such position since Vivaris Capital was established in June of 1998. Vivaris Capital invests in and acquires middle-market businesses in a broad range of industries that are leaders in their market niches."

My comment: It would appear that Mr Mizer's role would be to assist the TTSA to acquire additional capital, though it says above that Vivaris Capital "invests in and acquires middle-market businesses." I would not have thought that TTSA could be described as a middle-market business.

New member of the Advisory Board

There is one member of the TTSA Advisory Board, listed in the offering circular, who does not appear on the TTSA's website list of their team. This is one, Chris Herndon. The offering circular provides the following information on Herndon:


"Chris Herndon is a C-level Executive and Entrepreneur and currently serves as Chief Operating Officer of TechCentrics Inc. Previously he served for more than twenty years in the federal government, most recently as Deputy Assistant to the President and the Director of White House Information Technology...He began his career in telecommunications as a Department of the Navy civilian, where he supported organizations such as the National Reconnaissance Office, Office of Naval Research, Office of the Secretary of Defense, and the White House Communications Agency..."

My comment: Note that Herndon's background was with the US Navy. This is interesting to me in that TTSA has been claiming success with influencing the US Navy to update its guidelines on reporting unidentified aircraft; and in briefing members/staffers in Congress. Note also, the reference to supporting agencies such as the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO)

The role of the NRO, according to their website is "the U.S. government agency in charge of designing, building, launching and maintaining America's intelligence satellites."

Given this role, the question of whether or not its sophisticated sensor network picks up UAP has been debated from time to time in the UFO literature.

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  1. This is all a con game, and now, 5/21, many of those named directors have left TTSA for greener countryside! Why give 1.5 million to that guy, Mizer? He's not even a scientist! I think now people now know that TTSA was meant to put monies into Tom's pocket! Remember, the filing also calls TTSA an entertainment enterprise!


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