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2017 UK UAP files release - Leslie Kean was right


Earlier this year, the UK government's National Archives, released a further batch of fifteen UAP files. I recently had the opportunity to examine the contents of these files. In the files, we find a large number of low-level interest sightings, made by members of the public, police officers, pilots etc., relayed to the Ministry of Defence (MOD) via RAF bases, local police, the Civil Aviation Authority and other agencies. We also find details on a number of cases which cried out for, but did not receive, investigation and analysis. There are also copies of MOD internal memos on a range of topics, including sightings, and policy. There is much correspondence from members of the public asking all sorts of questions. Included in this area, are also, questions from sugch officials as Lord Hill-Norton; MPs, and UAP researchers such as David Clarke.

It is not my intent to conduct an exhaustive analysis of this large set of documents; no doubt others elsewhere, will do this. My intent is to simply sample things which interest me, and will therefore possibly interest readers of this blog.

On 3 February 2011, my former co-blogger, Pauline Wilson, published a blog post titled 'Secret UFO Studies in the USA?'

Pauline noted an intriguing paragraph in a then new book by US author Leslie Kean titled 'UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials go on Record.' [Harmony Books; New York; 2010.]

Image from my personal book collection
On page 238 of the book, Kean, speaking of an official UK government document wrote:

'...comes close to verifying the existence of such a secret group in America - the only legitimate, confirmed government document to do that, to my knowledge.'

What was the document?

Kean refers to it as written in 1993 as part of the precursor to the UK's Project Condign.

'The document mentioned by the Defence Intelligence written by his counterpart in the DIS, it was addressed to Pope's supervisor "SEC(AS)2," the Air Staff deputy director, and classified "secret UK eyes A." (p.238.)

Kean presents the text of paragraph 2:

'2. I am aware from intelligence sources, that xxxxxx believes that such phenomenon exist and has a small team studying them. I am also aware that an informal group exists in the xxxxxxxxxxxx community and it is possible that this reflects a more formal organisation.' (p.239.)

Kean's analysis in the book concluded that the first redaction was 'Russia' and the second was 'US Intelligence.'

Redactions uncovered

The newly released UK UAP papers now reveals the truth behind the redactions.

File DEFE 24/3152 page 176 is a formerly 'Secret UK eyes A' memo dated 2 December 1993, file reference D/DI55/108/15. It is addressed to DI(ST) and titled 'Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Study - Proposed amendment to NNR2/113. Paragraph 2 of this memo reads:

'I am aware from intelligence sources, that Russia believes that such phenomena exist and has a small team studying them. I am also aware that an informal group exists in the US intelligence community and it is possible that this reflects a more formal assessment activity.'

This appears to be Kean's 1993 document's paragraph 2. It does reveal that Kean's interpretation of the redactions as, redaction one 'Russia' and redaction two as 'US intelligence, is indeed correct.

However, there is additional information available on DEFE 24/3152 pages 219-220. These are on a DI55 paper titled 'Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP), dated 19 June 1995.


24. During discussions with [redacted] I have been told that they do not study UAPs but I have been told that an 'unofficial' grouping exists between the agencies. This group has contacts with [redacted] personnel...'


26. [Redacted] have confirmed that at least until the early 90's a small team studied UAPs at Ramenskoye.'

It is a pity that we have had to wait almost a quarter of a century to learn the above.

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