Tuesday, December 16, 2014

French and Chilean government UAP investigators meet

Hi all,

I have been a little busy lately with establishing the monthly Australian national level reports listings, with the assistance of all the major UAP groups in this country. (Click here for the November listing.)

This post gets back to other matters. In August and September of this year, I ran a series of blog posts about a number of scientific organisations which had held symposia on UAP; and several papers from the July 2014, Paris, GEIPAN (click here) workshop.


The other day, while browsing the GEIPAN website (click here) I noticed some information about another recent meeting of interest to us. I present the text of the item on the site, translated from French to English through Google translate.

"CEFFA, Fenomenos de Committee Aereos Anomalos is a service of Direccion General de Aeronautica Civil (DGAC) of Chile, whose mission is the study of PAN, mainly those observed by the pilots. As GEIPAN is one of the few civil official agencies in charge of the study of the PAN.

Thursday October 30, 2014 at CNES headquarters in Paris, General Ricardo Bermundez, director of CEFFA  met with the head of GEIPAN and certain members of  its steering committee and its panel of experts.

This first meeting allowed the leaders of the two organizations to better understand their respective activities and consider the exchange of information on methods and tools."

Please take a look at the CEFFA website (click here.) For further information about General Bermundez (click here.)


  1. The difference in approach between the English speaking countries ( very closely connected in a number of ways to the USA) and some non-English speaking countries such as France and Chile is quite interesting. It may reflect subtle differences in the way the issues play out in terms of national interest.
    One is tempted to suggest a distinction between the 'haves' and 'have nots' but that would be a touch speculative.

    1. Hi Anthony
      I am fascinated by this difference. I enjoyed reading Jacque Vallee's diaries which discuss this very thing.

  2. I read the other day that 3AF, who you wrote about a little while ago, have also entered into a co-operative arrangement with CEFFA. Looks like we shall have to brush up on our French and Spanish as, combined with the link between CEFFA and NARCAP, this looks like a potentially useful collaboration of serious organisations.


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